11 Remixes to Songs You Need on Your Pregame Playlist

When you're going out to parties or you’re just going out to a small dance party with your friends, it’s always nice to be able to sing along to the songs that you’re dancing to. Whether you grew up listening to the songs in high school or here at Bates, knowing all the lyrics to the songs just seems to make it a little bit more fun. Here are some great remixes to songs you (probably) know already!

  • La Roux- Bulletproof (Midnight Kids Remix)

This song came out way back in 2009, and has since been relegated to the general 2000s pop throwback playlist. The Midnight Kids have recently (well, more recently than 2009) released a remix of this song that completely reinvigorates it, and has a great beat to dance to, whether it be in your room or on the dance floor.

  • Alessia Cara- Here (Lucian Remix)

More recent than Bulletproof, this song was played almost every hour on the radio back in 2015 when it was released. Since left off radio play, Lucian has remixed this song to have a fun dance beat that’s a little slower than the previous song. The combination of both edited and original vocals with the new beat give this song a new take perfect for a slower vibe, whether that's getting ready or in the lib studying.

  • Drake- In My Feelings (KEKE, DO YOU LOVE ME?) (VAVO X Steve Reece Remix)

The most recent song on this playlist, Drake had us all in our feelings this summer with this catchy song. VAVO x Steve Reece add a faster beat and a great drop around 50 seconds that turns a song that you may be sick of listening to into a fresh take. This song is a great option if you’re looking for more recent music you 100 percent know the lyrics to, but with a different take that you won’t already have listened to 100 times.

  • Katy Perry- Last Friday Night

A quintessential song in any birthday party playlist circa 2010-2013, the person who remixed this takes the song and flips it on its head. You may recognize the songs that it is remixed with, from the music your parents use to play, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston, and another popular song from late 2000s that was a huge hit, “Closer” by Calvin Harris. Somehow these three songs blend together to make one nearly perfect song to dance around your room to with your friends- an incredibly surprising feat.

  • Blink 182- I Miss You (Region 82 Remix)

Many kids growing up in the pop-punk era will still have a fondness for Blink-182/ Panic! At the Disco era bands that we listened to in middle school/elementary school. What’s a better way to relive that than with your friends, jamming out to a remix that combines the best of today’s era dance beats with the lyrics you’re still able to belt out by memory? Nothing.

  • NOTD ft. Bea Miller- I Wanna Know (HtPkt Remix)

A more recent song, this Bea Miller bop came out this spring. A small girl with a big voice, she always sounds incredible- especially on this track where the lyrics are relatable to any girl seeing their ex out at a party with another girl. Combined with an incredibly well mixed beat, this song is perfect to belt out to and dance till you can’t think of anything.

  • High School Musical- Breaking Free (Jesse James Bootleg)

Iconic Disney songs from the era of good Disney tv movies? Check. Incredibly danceable beat? Check. Zac Efron? Check. This is the song I put on whenever I want to start dancing or get my friends to get excited, because it has just the right combination of things to get everyone in a good mood.  

  • Taio Cruz- Dynamite (Chunky Dip and Jesse James Bootleg)

This was THE bar/bat mitzvah song of my era. Without fail, this came on around the time they started handing out socks to change into to dance, or right after the horah. It got kids to dance back then, and it still does today with a better beat and more club-like sound.

  • Avril Lavigne- Complicated (Jesse Bloch and Jesse James Bootleg)

If you were a kid who lived through the 2000s, odds are you have heard the song “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne.  One of my favorite songs growing up, I always absolutely sung this at the top of my lungs, even though 10 year old me had no experience with guys who were “complicated” and the only guys in my life were Zack and Cody from the Suite Life and my dad. Today, this song has a new take with a new, re-worked beat that is way easier to dance to than the original with the same lyrics everyone loves to scream.

  • Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams (Deepdink Bootleg)

A song that is oft-played on any ‘80s radio station, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) is one of my favorite songs from the decade. Highly disappointed I either missed this song at ‘80s dance or it wasn’t played, I went through and found this incredible remix of a song so I would have an excuse to play some rendition of it at a party and be able to hear it more often. A deep bass beat and the catchy original rhythm are matched up to have a song that has become a staple at any pre-pregame or pre-game I find myself on the aux cord of.

  • Charlie Puth- How Long (EDXs Dubai Skyline Remix)

Charlie Puth’s “How Long” gets a re-work on this track, getting a deep club style bass line. The way they remix the background vocals of the song to mix together, while keeping snippets of his original singing to go along to the beat is something rarely well done and achieved. Somehow, this song manages to put it all together to create a great song to pregame to, and get in the mood to go out to!

Hopefully, you found a song that you like- whether it be a classic, 2000s throwback, or a newer song remixed recently. Warning though- Most of these are only available on Soundcloud, so I packaged them all up into one playlist below.