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A new year has rung in! It’s finally 2022 and I am sure that you all have many goals for the 365 days ahead of you. With such an ambitious endeavor such as accomplishing these new goals you set out for yourself, it can be nice to have guidance and advice along the way. So, to help, here are 10 different YouTubers who can help you along your self-improvement journey this year.

Some of my personal favorite YouTubers are the “big-sister” style content creators. I love these YouTubers so much because they provide me with the big sister advice I never received. I believe it’s important for every woman to have that “big-sister” figure in your life and here are a few content creators to play that role.

Hailey Gamba

Hailey Gamba is honestly one of the best creators on the platform. She makes all kinds of different content ranging from advice about sex to videos on self-care. She also talks about goal setting and learning how to love yourself. Her videos speak to what every woman needs to hear, especially in college. Recently, she’s been creating a lot of content surrounding working on and loving yourself. In college, it’s especially easy to forget the importance of taking care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. However, she helps by providing real, tangible and feasible advice as to small ways that you can begin or improve your self-care routine.

brenny lee

Breeny Lee is the big sister I never had. I love her videos because she speaks on topics that are relevant and relatable to so many women. Whether that is overcoming heartbreak, working on mental and emotional health, or feeling insecure, she talks about it all. It’s easy to feel like you’re alone in some of the emotions and thoughts that you experience. She shows you that you’re anything but that. Lee speaks candidly about topics that many are too afraid to talk about. Moreover, her candidness lends itself to a community of subscribers that also share those same feelings in her comment sections, creating a somewhat virtual community. Whether you’re going through a tough time or are seeking to improve some aspect of your life, she’s got a video to help you out. I highly recommend checking out her channel as you are certain to find a video that’s right for you right now! In accordance with it being a new year, I would suggest checking out her video on things women shouldn’t be doing this year in 2022.

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juice and toya

I cannot begin to express just how much I love these creators. Their videos are great for anyone. Whether you’re someone just getting into working out or someone looking to improve your fitness level, these YouTubers are guaranteed to have a video that is just right for you. I recently discovered this YouTube workout guru couple, but they have very quickly become my holy grail when it comes to my exercise routine. Honestly, there’s not a single day where I don’t use at least one of their workout videos.

They have dozens of different workouts that cater to both beginners and people who are more advanced. Not only that, but they make videos on nutrition, answer fitness and nutrition questions, and host challenges to motivate subscribers on their fitness journey. The best thing about their channel is that their videos are free which is great for any college student! Forget paying loads a month to go to a gym or a monthly subscription for a workout app. They have plenty of free workouts that are designed to suit your workout preferences and personal fitness level.

studio jibby

Studio Jibby is great for any college student who is very capped for time. Unlike a lot of other workout YouTubers, most of her videos are 10–20-minute workouts maximum, making her content an amazing fit for those who only have time for a short, concise workout. Just like Juice and Toya, she also makes videos that cater to anyone at any fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you’ll find a workout that suits your fitness level.

Not only do I love her short workouts and fitness-level suiting videos, but she is also so motivational in each workout she publishes. The hardest part about working out is working up the motivation to go out there and be active. The words that accompany her workouts help tackle that struggle and make you proud that you clicked on the video and did your workout.

What is so amazing about these YouTube workouts is that they’re free. Not only that,  but they are also more customizable than you might expect. Most workout videos will include modifications and the content creator will specify that you should pause the video if you sense yourself needing a breather. Sometimes,  they even encourage you to perform the workout again by starting the video over if you want to challenge yourself or accommodate an advanced fitness level. Moreover, there is a variety of workout content out there that is sure to suit your preferences and level and also provide you with some variety in your exercise routine.

It should be an ongoing goal to always keep learning. It’s important to always be gaining new knowledge and growing your horizons. There are several YouTubers out there that are perfect for stretching your mindset and helping you learn something new.

thomas frank

You’ve likely encountered Thomas Frank’s channel before. However, have you taken a chance to appreciate just how insightful his content is? Honestly, my teachers in middle and high school used to play some of his videos, to which I didn’t pay much mind.However, when I went to look at his channel more recently, I discovered just how interesting, expansive, and thought-provoking his content is.

All his videos have something to do with self-improvement. Whether that be improving your sleep, productivity, or recommending self-help books to read, he always is publishing a video about one way or another to change your life for the better.

One of his most intriguing videos is about three lessons he learned from the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear (which is amazing by the way!). In this video, he does a great job at summarizing some of the overarching points made in James Clear’s book and provides advice on how to implement the guidance provided in Clear’s publication.

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Want to learn about some of the most innovative ideas being worked on right now? Look no further than Freethink. They’re all about letting you in on some of the biggest innovations that are being embarked on now. They publish videos about up and coming developments about building electric planes, insight on surgeries performed by robots, and housing on Mars. It’s almost as if they have the answers to all the questions you may have about what our future will look like.

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jasmine zade

Jasmine Zade,an Indianapolis native, is a content creator who delves deep into the music industry. She’s making waves as an Indiana YouTuber. While content is a bit more niche than some of the other YouTubers recommended on this list, she’s got a lot of insight on pop culture that everyone is sure to be interested in.

What’s so amazing about her channel is that she makes so many different series that keeps you coming back. She has videos about the evolution of aspects in the music industry, she talks about the “it” factor for different artists such as Ariana Grande and Doja Cat, and she discusses unpopular opinions and assumptions about various popular artists on the scene right now.

I’ve got to say, the video below is honestly one of my personal favorites of hers even though it has forever changed how I see singing shows.

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In the spirit of being a life-long learner, we can’t forget to talk about adulting. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to forget the importance of discussing career, money, and sex as it relates to growing up. Here are a few Youtubers that help fill in those gaps by covering those important topics that some individuals in your life may have failed to talk to you about previously.

five foot one teacher

Whether or not you’re interested in a career in education, Five Foot One Teacher is a channel worth the watch. She creates videos talking about the ins and outs of being a teacher, self-care, advice, and tips for current and aspiring teachers.

What is so amazing about her channel is that she talks about topics relevant to all working adults. She emphasizes on her channel the need for a work-life balance, something many of us tend to forget the importance of. Her self-care, mental health, and candid story time videos help us all realize how important it’s to remember to take care of yourself not only as a student, but throughout your career as well.

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the break

Not only is 2022 the year of learning valuable lessons, embarking on your fitness journey, and educating yourself, it’s also the year of making money moves. One of the most difficult things about becoming an adult can be finances. Unfortunately, it tends to be a topic that can lend itself to discomfort, discouraging many to talk about it as we grow up.The Break fills you in on some of the most important financial topics. They publish videos on investing, buying a home, budgeting, saving money, making several different streams of income, and so much more. The videos are hosted by Patricia Bright, a British YouTube vlogger, who has made millions through her channels, investment properties, book, ecommerce stores, as well as several other forms of income. Not only does she share her own streams of income, but she discusses how to get started and do the same. She has videos that are helpful to teenagers up to retired adults.

One topic she talks a lot about on her channel is investing. It’s important to get started investing as soon as possible to best take advantage of compound interest for your retirement account. She makes getting started easy by publishing several videos meant for beginners.

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hannah witton

Speaking of adulting, let’s talk about sex. If there’s a topic that’s more avoided than money, this is it.

Sex, just like money, fitness, or anything else, is a part of life. Hannah Witton, a British sex educator opens up the very necessary conversation about intimacy. She posts about so many different topics relating to sex, it’s almost difficult to name some of what she talks about on her channel. If you’re looking for advice on dating, the first time, self-pleasure, birth control, getting over a breakup, and so much more, she’s got you covered.

As women, and as people in general, it’s important to open this conversation and feel comfortable about doing so. She’s done a great job of normalizing something that many of us may forget is normal sometimes.

You’ve got so much that you want to accomplish but you don’t have to do it alone. These YouTubers as well as other sources can be your guide during this year of growth. So with that, I wish you a happy, healthy, and beautiful 2022!

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