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The A-Z of My College Experience

Using the 26 letters of the English alphabet to best describe what my first two years in college have been like. 

A – Alone. Living alone for the first time has been a blessing and a curse. I miss my family but also love my freedom.

B – Best experience of my life.

C – Concentration. I have chosen what I want to work with (or start my career working with) and also have never had to use this skill at a higher intensity in my life.

D – Drive. It is something that is required in everything you do, this experience has shown me the true value of being driven.

E – Entrepreneurship. I’m at a school that is centered around entrepreneurship and really values that kind of mindset. I see how this ideology is what will drive the world and the changes to come. 

F – Free. I’m 100% responsible for all my actions, whether I go to class or not, or if I choose to study, or if I choose to go out, etc.

G – Google is a lifesaver. You can find everything on that search engine. It helps with diagnosing what symptoms you’re feeling about to helping you find a new way to understand the class concepts.

H – Homesick. I miss home more than anything, but I’ve also learned that home is something I have to create within myself and carry it with me wherever I go.

I – Interesting. The people I’ve met and the environment around me is always shifting and seeing people discover themselves is captivating. 

J – Julia. I’m in the process of discovering who I am and what I want to become as an individual. 

K – Knowledge. I have never in my life gained so much knowledge, or been surrounded by so much knowledge. 

L – Lifestyle changes. I have finally been able to live the lifestyle I want for myself and establish my own routine. 

M – Missing my family. I’m so far away, but it has shown me how much I value my family and how important they really are to me and everything they do for me on a daily basis.

N – Noise. College is loud, forget wanting to sleep at 10 pm on a Saturday.

O – Optimism. Though I have only spent two years here, I’m optimistic about my future and the opportunities that will come my way because of this. 

P – People. The most important factor in college is the people you meet and how you develop your relationships with them. Them being peers, professors, employers, etc. It’s extremely important to understand the value of knowing different people. 

Q – Question. I have never questioned myself and who I am more than during this experience, but questioning myself has allowed me to grow and really become the person I want to be.

R – Respect. I have been exposed to so many different people and their lives, I have developed a deep level of respect for the differences within the individuals around me.

S – Self-transformative. Every step of the way!

T – Transformative. Every day serves as a piece to your transformation. It also shows that life will not remain the same forever and change is what drives the world. 

U – Understanding. This is all about understanding others and yourself and find your place within your communities, your school, and the world. 

V – Valuable. This experience is the most valuable one I’ve had, in terms of self-growth and the number of people I have met and had unique experiences with.

W – Woman. I have never been more proud of being a woman in this world today and know that wherever I go this is something that will follow me and will be a key factor in what I do.

X – eXperiment. College is a time to try things out for yourself. It’s 100% a time where you can reinvent yourself and try things out that you’ve always been curious about but “never really fit into who you were”. 

Y – You. Prioritize yourself. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes.

Z – Zombie. Half the time you look like a zombie from either not sleeping because you were studying or due to hangovers and that’s perfectly alright! ;) 

I'm a Brazilian/Swedish undergraduate student at Babson College who aspires to graduate with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I'm currently working on my own website where I can display my writing and keep a portfolio of things that interest me. My childhood growing up in Brazil influences me in everything I do, which is clearly shown in my writing. I am a human rights activist, one of the main things I'm very passionate about is women's rights in the business world as that will be my path in the near future. I'm very open to discussing controversial topics as I realize that other people's opinion can change my perspective on the topic at hand and influence how I view the issue as well as teach me more about the other side of the argument or even a completely new approach.
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