Student Spotlight: Sarah Liskov ‘19

Sarah Liskov, a junior at Babson College, is originally from Plymouth, MA. She is an FME Mentor, a member of Chi Omega, and a member of the Babson Dance Ensemble (BDE), all while working in the Blank Center as an editor for the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference Team. I sat down with Sarah to hear more about her life at Babson, her role as an FME Mentor, and a member of Greek life.

HC Babson: What are you concentrating in here at Babson?

Sarah: I am planning to concentrate in Strategic Management. As someone who plans to pursue a career in law, one of the things I love about Babson is that the school can give me a wholesome business education. Most importantly, I knew that when I graduated from Babson I would be to have a wide range of skills that get me far in whatever job I choose, as well as my life in general. Seeing as I may not end up in your typical business school career, I know I will still be able to apply business tactics anywhere I end up. All of those tactics will shine through the Strategic Management concentration I’ve chosen, as well as through my experiences at Babson as a whole. The Strategic Management classes are truly in tune with the skills I hope to leave Babson with.


HC Babson: What are you involved in on campus?

Sarah: On campus, I am an FME mentor and a member of Chi Omega sorority. I have an on-campus job at the Blank Center working for Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC), and I am a member of the Babson Dance Ensemble. I actually just found out today that I am going to be a Lead FME Mentor next year!

HC Babson: What was your motivation for becoming an FME Mentor?

Sarah: For starters, I loved FME. I’ve always seen myself as a mentor to my friends and peers, and I have always seen that as one of my favorite things to do. I love to know that I can make an impact, while helping people and sharing my love for learning. I felt a strong connection to FME program, which made me want to share my great experience with others. Prior to coming to Babson, I had heard the general FME experience was a bit dicey, but I felt that by being a mentor, I could change the perception of the class, and have an influence and voice in a class that mattered to me.

HC Babson: What is your favorite part about being an FME mentor, and how do you see it helping you down the road?

Sarah: My favorite part is watching the growth from the start of the class in September, all the way up until the Report to Community Day. Something that is so magical to me is seeing a group of 40 students petrified of college and the daunting road ahead at the beginning of the year transform into becoming confident, caring, smarter young adults. It is truly amazing to see the connections and friendships that form, as well as the tenacity of students as they overcome these challenges. Down the road, getting to be in an FME classroom is motivating in terms of reminding me that all good things are worth working for. If you truly want to be successful, it is a marathon, not a sprint.


HC Babson: Do you think Babson does a good job catering to the needs of students involved in Greek life?

Sarah: Because the rest of the country makes Greek life out to be a liability, I think that Babson, just like any other college, approaches Greek life with hesitancy. Things happen everyday in all six of the organizations on our campus that prove Greek life is both a blessing and a curse. Babson has the responsibility to respond to the curses, as well as the blessings, when it comes to the safety of the college. By means of needing to protect themselves, Babson may only get involved in Greek life when it is for their own safety. The way I’ve seen it, there are so many incredible men and women who come out of Greek life, yet these people don’t get remembered as much as the people that cause problems. I’d like to see Babson get more involved in Greek life, as well as with the people who do great things in a good way.


HC Babson: How do you view the relationship between people in Greek life and those not involved in Greek life?

Sarah: I think that just like every other organization, whether it’s ONE, or sports teams, or any on-campus organization, Greek life is its own little family. Just because of the reputation that Greek life has, men and women have certain stigmas and hesitancies toward people in Greek life. I think the relationships between members and non-members are good, because relationships at Babson are great in general. But, I think being a part of “Greek life” can be more intimidating to people rather than with other organizations.


HC Babson: Can you speak to any of the stigmas surrounding Greek life in general, regardless of whether or not they are seen at Babson?

Sarah: I think it sucks that Greek organizations at big schools give Greek life the reputation that they do. In being involved at the executive level with greek life as the New Member Educator, aka “pledge mom,” I’ve never seen so much growth, talent, kindness, and heart in such an amazing group of people. I think that like with anything else, the bad news are always going to overshadow the good. At Babson, Greek life is so much more intimate and different from what you would see at a big school, and it is unfortunate that all of the negative press is focused on so much.


HC Babson: If you had to define your experience as a student involved in Greek life here at Babson in one word, what would it be?

Sarah:  Life-changing.


HC Babson: What is your best Babson memory thus far?

Sarah: My best Babson memory thus far would have to be my Report to Community day freshman year, which was also the day of my first BDE show.


Fun Facts

HC Babson:  Favorite food to cook or bake?

Sarah: I love to make fancy pasta dishes, but I am notorious at home for being the brownie baker (I make the best brownies!)


HC Babson: If you were a raindrop and could fall anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Sarah: Alaska! That is my dream place to travel to.


HC Babson: Favorite campus event to participate in?

Sarah: The BDE show!


HC Babson: Favorite movie?

Sarah: Legally Blonde


HC Babson: Favorite Olympic sport to watch?

Sarah: It’s a tie between figure skating and gymnastics, but gymnastics would win that tie because it is more like dance.