My Freshman Year Fall Schedule in GIFs

Introduction to Financial Accounting

At the time, I thought choosing a 3 hour math class over an 8 AM that met two times a week, was a fantastic idea. In reality, the timing is horrible and I have promised myself to never do this ever again. I don’t find Accounting that difficult, since it’s more concepts than actual math. But, somehow I still managed to bomb my midterm, and a couple of quizzes. There’s also the fact that I knew exactly what was happening two classes ago and now it’s like, what is accounting?

Seriously considering taking a W (and not the winning type).


AHS Justice and Inequality

I actually enjoy this class, it’s 90 minutes of discussion about deep and interesting issues. But the reading. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Professor, and how he structures the class, but he assigns anywhere from 40-90 pages every class. They are so content heavy that you have to re-read each page three times, because you have no idea what’s going on.

Sometimes it feels like so much that I nap and leave it for the day of class, and then I don’t do that day’s reading. I make a promise to myself to catch up, but don't end up doing it and fall behind even more. It’s a horrible cycle.

And the essays. We have three 6 page papers (more like 8-10 pgs.) that are worth a collective 48% of our grade. Currently on #2 and dying.


Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME)

Oh FME. A right of passage here at Babson, and a nightmare for the masses. It’s basically a year long group project where you realize just how complicated it is to schedule a meeting with six different schedules. Don’t get me wrong, my group is great, but having a class where you start a business may seem cool in theory, but actually doing it is a whole other story. The only way I can describe FME is trying to be a good team member and actively contributing, but also getting a good grade without taking on a huge amount of responsibility.


Business Law

BLAW is relatively challenging, but I actually have it together and know what’s going on. My professor is great and I love that fact that I’ve learned so much in just two months.


First Year Seminar

I love FYS. Compared to all my other classes, this is the one time a week where I can kind of slack off. It’s just a class where we talk about college policies and extremely important issues such as gender based violence.