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We’ve all been welcomed into the dining hall. Maybe it was the warmth after coming in from the prolonged winter, the smell of the lasagna, or the hope of finally getting a purple cup instead of a blue one. Perhaps one of the most welcoming parts of the CSL is the lunch staff, especially a member named Melody. Today we’ll take a personal look at Melody, the woman who can brighten anyone’s day.

How long have you been working at Augie?

About 16 years officially. I worked a year before that too, not officially. Before Augie, and during my first couple years, I worked as a lunch lady at a grade school.

What are your responsibilities?

They call me a front-end server; so I am a cashier, I keep things clean and stocked, help around, shut down, and make sure the toaster does not start on fire.

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen happen in the CSL?

Seeing that boy walk around with a box on his head. Or a few years ago we even had a streaker. Thank God I missed most of that one.

What is your favorite CSL desert?

I like those pumpkin bars with the layer of crunch on top.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your job?

I’ve always really liked working with the kids. I don’t have any favorites though, I like them all the same. When I used to work at the grade school, I enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. One year I dressed up as a cat at the grade school job and I didn’t have time to change before coming to this job. So I guess my favorite parts of the job are dressing up and working with the kids. 

I don’t really have a least favorite part of the job. There will always be a struggle, but I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I overcome that struggle. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Well, before work I mostly just do household chores. On the weekends I like to go out and dance with my friends.

What Type of Dancing?

Sort of like freestyle dancing. I mostly like to dance freestyle to 70’s and 80’s music because I have a few friends in 70’s and 80’s cover bands.

Besides dancing, on Sundays I go to church and I like to spend time with my grandkids. I have 6 and soon to be 7, and I am working on knitting afghans for them. I also knit scoodies, which are scarf hoodies. They wrap around your neck but also keep your head warm. My son works for the city and I made one in neon colors for him.

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

I don’t have Netflix, but I do watch the news and the weather on TV.

Where do you see the world in 20 years?

Automated. And we already have parts of our world that are automated. I see there being more cars and small airplanes that can drive themselves, but I don’t see there being personal robots like people or anything like that.

Scoodie Picture Credit:https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/a-scoodie—your-how-to-guide-for-a-hooded-scarf 



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