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What Your Friend Transferring Wants You to Know


What Your Friend Transferring Wants You to Know

  1. It is not personal. The first reaction of many of our friends is to become upset and think about what they could have done differently to make us stay. We are not leaving because of our friends. Actually, our friends are the one thing that made us question whether we should have left the school at all.

  2. We will still be here for you. We’re leaving the school, not you! Phones make keeping us a part of your lives so easy. When we say we’ll only be one call away, much like Charlie Puth, we mean it! Plus, as a transfer student I can tell you we want to be a part of your life more than anything and those phone calls make our day. Don’t worry, we’ll be calling you, too.

  3. This is what is best for us. It may seem like we are doing fine, or pursuing something amazing at the school we are at, but we are not transferring out of nowhere. Something about where we are is not the right fit, and if there is somewhere better-suited to for our mental health, career path, or family, we have to make the change. Trust us in that we know what we need.

  4. We’ll be back. We might be leaving, but now we’ve got somewhere to visit because our friends are there! Transferring is not the end of the line for us, it is a part of our journey and we will come back for our friends and nostalgia reasons. It’s undeniable.

    5. Coming to school with you first was not the wrong decision. Even though we’re making a new decision about what is the best choice for us now, spending the year, term or semester with our friends was where we needed to be. Thank you for being there for us, and thank you for being supportive even though it seems like we’re leaving everyone behind (because I promise, that’s not the goal!).

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