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Tips on Getting Fit for Introverts

In the average person’s life there comes a point where we notice a certain soreness in our body, our heavy breaths after ascending a flight of stairs, or perhaps even the ache in our stomachs after too much junk food. At one point or another, there is an effort to work out or put more time into what we eat; both are hard to do alone. So that leads to gym buddies and friends who cook a meal together instead of ordering out. But not everyone feels comfortable going to the gym, merging their routine with others, or having to be around people for an extended amount of time. This would be the case for introverts like me. If you love to go to the gym and socialize and workout alongside others, good on you! But there is a reason why Peloton exists and is so successful; besides the pandemic which has forced a lot of people who love the gym to be creative with their workouts at home. It is still perfect for introverts who also prioritize physical wellness. But what if you don’t want to pay for all the gear and membership of working out from the comfort of your own home?

You have to find what works for you, especially when it comes to your own body, lifestyle, and routine. I have some experience in being both an introvert and also a person who wants to work out, so here are some tips that I have cultivated through my years of experience on how to get in shape as an introvert.

Tip #1: Fitness Influencers

Let’s get this clear first: there are good and bad fitness influencers, like the distinct difference between those who prioritize well-being over those who want to make a quick buck by sponsoring harmful dieting practices and products. You have to find the good ones.

What I mean by fitness influencers is basically when you use videos on YouTube to stick to a workout regimen. You may have heard the name Chloe Ting before. It is hard for me to not recommend her right from the start. She gets you energized and set on a workout routine with #CholeTingChallenges, and her workouts are fairly short and great for busy schedules. The videos guide you through the workouts, which she customizes for different challenges like the weight loss challenge or the hourglass challenge. No matter what, she is an incredibly positive fitness influencer and encourages you to set your own goals and also to know your limits. Her website is easy to follow and has free workout programs on it. I encourage checking her out for your next workout goals. You can also find Chloe Ting on YouTube along with people who have actually done the challenges and their reviews of said challenges.

If you don’t end up loving Chole Ting, then I still encourage you to go and find a fitness influencer who fits your needs.

Tip #2 The Working Out at Home Fee

Depending on what kind of workout or what your goals are for your body, you will probably have to pay up in some way. In my case, the money that I wasn’t spending on a gym membership went towards buying tools to help with my workouts like a yoga mat, a kettlebell, weights, and elastic bands. Granted, you could probably do a casual workout without any of those things, but if you want to push a bit harder, then you might be spending some money.

Tip# 3 Enjoy it and Find Results

Working out can be such a personal thing like the headspace you get into, but also how you are the only thing driving your workouts. There can be a temptation to slack off on your preset goals. This is one of the cons of being an introvert who wants to get into shape but might not have the drive to do so. One solution is the guided workouts via video like Chole Ting, but really you are the one who is turning on the video and pressing play.

So, what I recommend is that you find a way to enjoy it and even crave it if you miss a workout day. For some, it’s the results, the end product that they feel and see after working their body. For people like me, I would say it is that headspace that you get into during and after the workout. It is quiet, it is just you, and there are none of the daily worries; it is like they vanish. Another thing to enjoy is the routine of it all. That comes with structuring meals, finding time to work out, and knowing what work you did at the end of the day.

I think that working out and sticking to the routine can be a challenge for a person who just starts it, but never be hard on yourself for taking that cheat day or deciding to eat junk over trying out a new recipe. What you will find is that those times when you cheat will become more valuable to you, and the times when you work hard to feel the rewarding soreness of a good workout will get better and better the more you do them. So, introverts, challenge yourselves and push your limits. Even if you are doing it in your living room, you are still working hard for results.

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