Ten Things To Cheer You Up If You're Having a Rough Week

  There is no such thing as the perfect college experience. Over the course of a singular week, your life can be flipped upside down by impulsive decisions or unexpected events. Friendships can break; projects can fall through; and, every so often, a day comes by when not a singular thing goes right. It happens to everyone at some point, even the students who are the most confident and assured of themselves. And while I can’t create a list that attempts to solve every student’s individual issues, I can create a list of the dumb little things I do when I am feeling down.

    So, here’s a list of the ten things I do to cheer myself up after a rough week.

1. Stay In for the Night

Often, when going through a difficult time, there’s a natural impulse to keep oneself busy instead of sitting around and feeling sad. But, staying in and giving yourself a break from the outside world can really help if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed. After all, the less things you have to worry about, the better your life will be. So, take a break.

2. Take a Hot Shower

There’s not too much to explain here: showers are relaxing and help you wash away all of the stress, grime, and tear-stains. Showering is the equivalent of hitting a human reset button.  

3. Pick Out Something Comfortable to Wear that You Feel Good In

Pull on some sweats and a comfortable t-shirt. Or, throw your hair up in your favorite scrunchie while wearing your fleece-lined leggings. It doesn’t matter what you wear, but everybody has their favorite comfortable clothes they like to wear. Studies have shown that when a person chooses an outfit they feel good in, they tend to focus more and feel better about themselves. So, even if you’re dressed up in sweats, try to find sweats that make you feel both comfortable and better about yourself.

4. Take a Nap

Sometimes all we need is sleep. If you’ve been feeling super tired and overwhelmed, take a nap. There’s no harm in self-care.

5. Get Yourself a Hot Drink

Whether coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, I don’t think I’ve ever met a college student who didn’t enjoy a mug full of some delicious hot drink. Whether you make it yourself or buy one from the Brew, make sure to treat yourself and have some time to relax.

6. Or, Get Yourself Something Good To Eat

Obviously, binge-eating your feelings is never a healthy idea. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no value in enjoying comfort food. Chocolate helps release endorphins, and indulging in a small bowl of mac and cheese or soup certainly isn’t going to hurt. Don’t try to force something down just because it’s better for you; eat something that tastes good.

7. Call Your Family

Everybody has done this at some point, and for good reason. Calling your parents or a trusted family member and talking to them is always a great idea. If your overwhelmed about something, see if you can try to discuss a plan of action. If you’re just having a rough day emotionally, just call and cry or exchange a funny story. Your family cares and loves you, and wants to be there for you. No problem is too big for them to handle, or too small for them to care.

8. Have A Good Laugh

Even if it means watching your favorite episode of Parks and Recreation on a loop until you have the whole episode memorized. Laugh.

9. Do Something Productive

Especially if you’re someone who suffers from mental illness, sitting around and not doing anything can often make things worse. So, if you are staying in, find something small for you to do. Organize your homework. Make a couple of lists. Draw some pictures or send an e-mail. Find something small that you can get done, because accomplishing a little tiny thing is always better than accomplishing nothing.

10. Put On Some Good Music.

Perhaps it’s just a personal thing, but every time I find myself sad or upset, I find that putting on either soundtrack for the Guardians of the Galaxy movies immediately cheers me up. Music provides an important catalyst for us, so lay down and turn up your speakers. Whether you’re listening to folk, rap, or dance music, find something that cheers you up.