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After a long and busy week, Sundays are my favorite days to rest, reset and get ready for the next week ahead! Taking some time to yourself during the day is so important to reset and focus on what’s ahead.

Taking things slow in the morning is my favorite way to start my Sunday. During the week, I wake up pretty early so I use Sunday as my day to finally sleep in! I love not being forced to set an alarm once a week so that my body is able to wake up on it’s own time, and get the extra rest it needs. Doing things like making coffee or breakfast, read, do laundry, yoga, and cleaning my room are some of the parts of my perfect self-care Sunday. 

A lot of people call Sunday their “rest day” or “day off”. If you’re really into fitness like me, the gym can get pretty tiring during the week! Use Sunday to take some time to stretch, practice yoga, or do an easier workout at the gym so that your muscles can relax and reset for your next Monday morning workout. Sunday’s are meant for rest, but I like to call them my rest and reset days as I head into the next week. 

Being a college student, using Sunday to catch up on homework, or get ahead for the next week is something I take advantage of. Doing homework during the day helps me to stay on track with school and allows me to feel less stressed during the week when classes are busy and more studying starts to pile up. 

Planning the week ahead is another important part of my Sunday. I like to use a planner or calendar to plan my meals, school-work, events, workouts, etc. for the entire week. Doing this helps me to set the intention of the week early and helps me to meet the goals of the week. Making a plan to get through the week relieves me of additional stress and allows me to stay focused each day. I like to make checklists of what needs to get done during the week and check things off as I go to give myself a feeling of success, even when it’s the small things! Writing it down helps me to make sure I get it done. Journaling is a fun way to write things down and plan for the week! Be creative with your lists/journals and make it happen!

Something I really have enjoyed on Sundays is practicing some form of self- care. This is totally personal! Whether that is reading a book, going on a walk, going shopping, doing a face mask, or cooking something delicious, doing something on Sunday that makes you happy is a great way to take care of yourself! Sunday’s shouldn’t feel stressful like most other days in the week can sometimes. Use your Sunday to do something that makes YOU feel your best and happiest. Having a stellar Sunday will make the rest of your week better as you kick this weeks a** and make it through to the next one!

Natalia is a junior at Augustana College studying biology. She hopes to become a dentist who makes the world smile brighter. When she isn't studying you can find her at the gym sweatin' or at the mall shopping for clothes she can't afford. Natalia is a pretty typical college chick who's really into motivation, health & fitness, style, food and music. Find her on instagram @talibear31!
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