Rating Things I've Made in My Mini Waffle Maker

When I impulse-bought a miniature waffle maker and brought it to its new home in my cardboard box of a dorm last year, all of my friends laughed at me and told me that it was the dumbest purchase ever. Yet, as the year progressed, I proved them wrong! I quickly became famous for my waffle parties, where we churned out tiny waffles by the dozen and filled the whole hallway with their delicious, buttery scent. Needless to say, they were all forced to hear my “I told you so!” and eventually ended up buying waffle makers of their own. I mean, who could possibly resist minuscule breakfast food? Even better, we found that with a little imagination, you can make anything in a waffle maker! Here I have rated some of our best (and worst) dorm-cooked waffle maker cuisine. Are you bold enough to try it? 


Waffles - 10/10

The classic waffle is an obvious favorite, given that it’s the waffle maker’s entire purpose. Super easy to make, and, hopefully, impossible to mess up. These waffles are made even better when the batter is “borrowed” from the cafeteria’s waffle station!


Quesadillas - 100000/10

These crispy tortillas with gooey cheese insides have become a staple in our room. They taste best at 2 am during a major cram session, especially after a particularly stressful night of pledging. I owe the entirety of last semester to these bad boys.


Cinnamon Rolls - 9/10

Feeling fancy? Slap some Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough on your waffle maker for a surefire crowd-pleaser or a sweet breakfast treat! They taste AMAZING, but it can be difficult to cook them all the way through, so you might end up with a little doughiness in the middle. 


Mashed Potato Waffles - 9/10

I was skeptical of this one, but boy, was I proven wrong! Get yourself a pack of instant mashed potatoes, mix with water, and fire up the waffle maker for some hashbrown-like action. They get nice and crispy on the outside, but stay soft on the inside—the perfect combo!


Cookies - 6/10

We failed many times in pursuit of the elusive cookie waffle, and while it’s impossible for cookies to taste bad in any form, we could never get these quite right. The cookie dough either stuck to the sides or burned up. While it was still delicious, it was no match for a traditionally prepared cookie.


Brownies - 4/10

These went even worse than the cookies. They fell apart and burned immediately, and the scraps were barely worth eating. The fact that they required eggs was also an obstacle in a tiny dorm room with very limited resources. I still believe that they are possible, but we never bothered to try again.


Scrambled eggs - 8/10

We needed a use for the eggs left over from the failed brownie batter, so we thought we would give eggs a shot. First, we tried sunny-side up, which went badly, but we were pleasantly surprised by the outcome of our attempt at scrambled eggs! The only downside was cleaning out the ruts in the waffle maker, but otherwise, they tasted just like home!


So, are you ready to give the humble mini waffle maker a shot?

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