Quick and Easy Breakfasts

Need something quick and delicious before class? I have three perfect recipes for you!  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (and my favorite!) Making sure I have time to eat something is part of my routine that I have become pretty much obsessed with! Finding fast, healthy, and yummy things to eat in the morning have made the most important meal of the day even better. All of these can be made with ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen! Change up your bowl of cereal or banana on the go and try out these quick and easy breakfasts.


Banana Oat Pancakes


2 eggs

2 mashed bananas

½ cup oats

1 tsp vanilla

(mix together wet ingredients and then whisk in flour, cook pancakes 2 minutes each side)


Peanut Butter Stovetop Oats


½ cup milk of choice

½ cup rolled oats

½ water

2 scoops peanut butter

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

(mix together on stove top until thick consistency)


Chia Seed Pudding


½ cup milk of choice

¼ cup chia seeds

1 Tbsp honey

1 tsp vanilla

(mix together and leave overnight in the fridge ready for the morning!)