The Power of Selfishness

Selfishness is often seen as a negative quality. In truth, it is a characteristic that people openly avoid, and for good reason. Despite the negative connotations the word "selfish" has, is it necessarily always bad to be selfish? Perhaps one of the most important lessons to learn in life is that being selfish can sometimes be a positive quality too. 

But why?

1. Being concerned with yourself can be beneficial to your mental well-being

In essence, being selfish simply means that you are your own focus. Most people tend to prioritize others, often forgetting themselves in the process. Putting yourself first should never be something that you are shamed for. By focusing solely on yourself, you become more introspective and are able to recognize and cater to your needs more efficiently. In turn, it is likely that this will positively impact your mental health.

2. Selfishness can help you focus on your goals

It goes without saying that selfishness is an effective way to focus on the matters that are most important to you. This determination is fantastic in the workplace, academic settings, or even concerning hobbies. 

3. Being selfish can help you recognize your limits

When you prioritize taking care of yourself, it becomes easier to recognize your boundaries. People-pleasers tend to always say "yes," ignoring their true desires and sometimes sacrificing their happiness in the process. Being selfish can help you live a more honest, straightforward life. Knowing whether you are saying "yes" or "no" for yourself as opposed to others is an empowering feeling.

The key here is practicing selfishness in moderation and with good intentions. Being selfish to spite others is not something to be proud of. However, if you are selfish out of concern for your well-being, and because you genuinely want to improve your relationship with yourself, perhaps this quality is not so bad after all.