Poems About Souls and Snow

What color is your soul?


The color of kindness.


A green, then golden field.

The I’ll pick up the tab this time.

A puppy pawing at its mother’s nose.

A fumbled pair of sunglasses, and a stranger’s

      hand returning them.

A hand grasped and tears tapping bedsheets.

A worn woman rocking her grandchild

      to sleep.

A door propped open with a foot as you wheel in.

Tiny tides of turquoise, lapping at timid toes.

A caress of a summer breeze, billowing

      through my bedroom window.

A little girl and her bushel basket of blackberries.

A smile when you say good morning earnestly,

      or when you hand back my change.

The butterfly breath of a newborn babe.

The end of a bittersweet song or sentence in a book.


The color of this poem.





white droplets, again

touch down with the quietest

mindful intentions