A Poem For Your Troubles

As life continues to move forward, I feel stuck. 

College has been a dream, how can a dream be scary?

Homework. Tests. Friends. Family. Finals.

Everything feels like a burden.

When are we able to escape from the stress? The pain? The worry?

All I feel like doing is screaming, but only succeed in hiding further from society. 

Breaks are too tempting to not take, but we always miss the time to go back to work. 

What if I don't want to go back? What if I want to take an adventure?

Travel the world?

Find true love?

Discover myself?

The thoughts circle my mind as I attempt to finish the work that is slowly drowning me. 

I take a step back and move towards the window to stare outside at the changing colors.

Life keeps moving forward and I continue to feel stuck.

A hand touches my shoulder; I see my friends. 

Each of them is smiling, hoping, to see me smile too. 

I do and they slowly take me away from the window and toward their table.

They surround me with love and my heart flutters.

We continue to talk; my hopelessness slowly fades.

They stand with me when I am furious beyond belief.

They stand with me when I want to cry from the amount of work I have.

They stand with me when they aren't there.

Finals are approaching and I fear for becoming stuck again. 

As I look around me, I know that my friends will always be there for me.

They shined their lights through my darkness to reignite the lamp that was slowly burning out. 

Being stuck for a moment in time is nothing as life moves forward.

Soon enough, I will graduate, and get a job.

I'll keep moving forward, and I won't be stuck anymore.

Life doesn't stop moving, and neither will I.