It's Worth the Rush: How to Find Your Home at Augie During the Rush Process

Rush can be stressful! Finding the group that you fit into perfectly is not always easy. Follow these ten tips throughout the process of choosing to find your home here at Augie!


Find the group that…

  1. You connected with best! Remember the conversations that you had with specific girls in specific groups that stood out to you the most. The conversations that were heartfelt, significant, and matched up with your own morals and values.

  2. Made you smile. On your worst days, it will be your sisters in this new group that bring the light into your day. Make sure that the feeling you had when meeting this group filled you with warm and fuzzies!

  3. Motivated you. Though sororities are a social group on campus, it is so important to be surrounded by people that will constantly push you to be your best. If you met girls that inspired you, and seemed like they could be your role models in any aspect, this is probably a perfect group of people for you!

  4. Made you feel confident in who you are. Based on the girls you met, the conversations you had, and the feelings you experienced, which group made you feel happy about being you? Which group made you feel interesting, exciting, and amazing just by being yourself?

  5. Shared common values with you. Know what you are looking for in yourself over the next four years! Truly understand what your own morals and values are and choose the group that you think exemplifies these best for you.

  6. Got you excited. Remember the initial feelings you had walking into rush with a group, and the feeling that you had when leaving too. Which ones got you the most excited and left the greatest impact?

  7. Stood out to YOU. As so many different girls go through the rush process, you will all have different opinions. Choose the group that fits YOU best despite anyone else's views and opinions. No need to follow the decisions of your besties or peers. The only way to find your home is to be honest with your opinions of each group!

  8. Welcomed you. For me, I felt an overwhelming sense of love and welcome when I walked into my sorority's rush. I knew I was at home with the girls from the second I stepped inside.

  9. Brought out the best in you. After talking to so many different people, who made you feel the most you? Who let you talk about what made you happiest? Can you see yourself becoming the best version of yourself by being surrounded by these girls? If you do, this is most definitely the group you belong in!

  10. Made you feel at home. The feeling you got when you walked into the room will be one that sticks around for when you have to choose a group. Feeling like you belong, like you immediately have friends, and now sisters, is the group that you were meant to be in! I’m sure after reading this you have one in your head that truly felt like home. THAT sorority is where you are meant to be.