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Finals week is without a doubt the most difficult time of the semester. Self-care, socializing, and setting goals are all important aspects of successful studying during finals. Overall, it all prepares you for the exams better than just preparing on your own. Taking the time to relax will help you improve your grades and make this time more enjoyable.


  1. Exercise: Take your mind off the long hours of studying, to get some fresh air, go on a walk, stretch, or head to the Westie Gym for some exercise. Spending long amounts of time studying will overload your brain, so taking some time away from the computer, notes, and books by exercising. 

  2. Take time to eat a brainpower meal. This will give you long-lasting energy so you are able to concentrate on your studies. Meals are one of the most popular times to socialize in college, and planning meals with your friends can be a perfect way to incorporate a fun study break into your schedule. 

  3. Make a detailed study list. It can be easy to be overwhelmed with all the work you have yet to complete. Making an organized list/timeline is going to give you a chance to get all of your work done without procrastination.

  4. Work in a clean workspace. Cleaning does not sound like a destressing activity, but when your workspace is cluttered with papers and books strewn out everywhere it is going to add stress to the enormous amount of stress you are already experiencing. You will thank yourself later when you are able to work in a clean space.

  5. Get Plenty of rest: trying to cram in studying the night before an exam is never a good idea. You need plenty of rest to perform your best on an exam. Getting enough sleep will help you work better and feel less anxious. You'll be more concentrated and able to complete your studying tasks more quickly.



Madi Crawford

Augustana '22

My name is Madi Crawford, I am a junior at Augustana College. I am a Communication, Sciences, and Disorders major. For my future, I hope to become a Speech-Language Pathologist, to work with children with disabilities. My overall goal in life, is to constantly bring joy into others. I am passionate about helping others, and the idea of being able to be known as a dependable person. I hope to be able to be a light to many people through my writing. Some of my hobbies include, being around friends, family, exercising, and listening to music.
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