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A Compilation of Poems

Part One


I do and don’t love you. 

Isn’t that happiness?


How can it be,

if you don’t love me?


I do and don’t want to be near you.

Isn’t that good?


How can it be,

If you don’t want to be near me?


I do and don’t want to see you smile.

Isn’t that…


No. It’s nothing. 

Your words; they sting.


If you don’t love me

And you don’t want to be near me

And you don’t want to see me smile.


I think we can both agree

This is no longer worthwhile. 



See My Grandmother

It’s Tuesday. Every Tuesday I visit Grandma 

In her nursing home. Tuesdays can be hard. 

I would really like to see my grandma today. 

I wonder if she will recognize me today. 

I creak the door open and see her sitting there. 

In her favorite purple flower rocking chair. 

She smiles instantly and for a second, I hope. 

Just maybe, I will get to see my grandmother. 

Just maybe I can be Michelle the Granddaughter, 

and not Rachel, her daughter, or Rita, friends. 

Those days can be fun. But, I want to be Michelle 

and I would really like to see my grandmother 

 She opens her arms and I gladly give her a big hug. 

“Oh Rita, you smell so good today,” she told me. 

Sigh, I pull away slowly as I understand,

I will not get to see my grandmother today. 





You suck at communication.

I never know how you feel.

I don’t want to play this game,

I just want to know if it’s real.


I’ve expressed my emotions.

My cards on the table.

If you don’t communicate with me,

How will I know you’re emotionally stable?


Right now, I feel confused.

Is this relationship diffusing?

I’m honestly exhausted.

It’s been emotionally bruising. 


It’s not that hard to have a talk.

I’ll understand if you want to walk.


Away from me and just be friends.

We are mature.

We will make amends.



 Part Two

Ode to Poseidon

So soft and fluffy

You bring me joy

My favorite little rascal

Mommy’s little boy.


You run on your wheel

And burrow in the corner.

My Syrian hamster

My little foreigner.



Your favorite food.

Thank you for always brightening my mood. 


My Poseidon, 

King of Sea

I cannot begin to express the amount of joy you bring me.




Emma Walker

It’s a feeling I can’t quite explain

Strait serotonin rushing to my brain.


This shit doesn’t seem real. 

How are you here? 

I missed your laugh and smile,

It’s been over a year.


You squeeze me so tight and I remember your hugs.

You always made me feel nothing but love. 


Black woman on floor colored color glass light lighting sun shine shining rainbow shadows
Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels


The Sun

The sun 

It shines through my window.

It bounces off the crystal.


The crystal

It sways in the window.

It reflects the rainbow.


The rainbow. 

It makes me smile.

It bounces around the room.


The room.

It’s covered in rainbows, 

That are reflected,

By the crystals,

Through the window,

From the sun,

That makes me smile.

Michelle Quinn

Augustana '22

Hi! I am a Junior at Augustana College studying MJMC and Comm. On campus I am involved with The Augustana Observer, ADs Club, Cheerleading, and The Phi Rho Sorority. My passions include writing, baking, and smashbooking! If I'm not working, studying, cheering, or writing you can find me in my dorm obsessively smashbooking. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is like 3D scrap booking. My goal in life is to be a TV show host much like Ellen or Oprah! Stay Tuned & Happy Reading!
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