Youtubers You Should Be Watching

I’ve been watching YouTube ever since I was in elementary school, and a lot has changed about it since then. People now will only post videos to promote products and make money. And even though it can be fun watching people who vlog half their life and do their makeup with super expensive products, there are a select couple of YouTubers that I consider my favorite and are great to watch when you need cheering up or are bored and need to distract yourself. I made a list of these favorite YouTubers of mine and my current favorite video of theirs. If you haven't watched any of these videos, I highly suggest checking out these people’s content. Not only because it's funny, but because the YouTubers that make these videos really do care about what they are creating.


Shane Dawson

Shane has been on YouTube for a long time, but recently he’s been making a series about other YouTubers/celebrities. Through this series, he’s helped people who were in a rut with the content they were making find what they really want to do. But his newest series, featuring Jake Paul, focuses on Shane trying to figure out why he is the way that he is and his motives behind the outrageous and even dangerous things he does for his YouTube channel. There’s been a lot of controversy about it, and people argue that Shane is giving Jake too much of a platform, but Shane has held his ground. He is continuing the series, and is not going to hold back on the questions he asks Jake. In my opinion, all Shane is doing is asking the questions a lot of people would probably ask Jake Paul if they could. This 5 part series have videos ranging from 30-50 minutes long, so grab a snack and dive in!


Cody Ko

Cody Ko is one of those YouTubers whose videos are mainly him reacting to things, whether it be viral videos or random videos he finds himself. This seems like it wouldn't be too interesting to watch, but his videos are actually the funniest I’ve ever seen. A lot of times he has his friend Noel Miller in his videos, and this makes them ten times better. The two of them even make parody songs and the lyrics are so ridiculous yet catching it hard not to sing them yourself. Some of my favorite videos on Cody’s channel are with him and Noel. They have a mini series on Cody’s channel called ‘That’s Cringe’ where they watch weird “cringey” videos and comment on them.



Cut is a YouTube channel that posts various types of videos everyday. These videos range from people playing a game called Truth or Drink to having someone try and match a person from a line up based solely on their voice. If this sounds interesting, there are so many more types of videos that Cut does that will have you hooked for hours. One of my favorite types of videos they do is a game called Fear Pong, which is basically beer pong but with dares under each cup. The people playing can either do the dare under their cup (usually something ridiculous) and keep their cup on the table, or they can drink the cup. They have a huge variety of people play these games for these videos and it weirdly makes me want to play beer bong.


Jenna Marbles

This is another YouTuber that has been around for quite some time, and is also one of my favorites! I remember watching Jenna when I was in middle school and I still watch her today. Most of her videos center around her adorable dogs or doing DIYs that her viewers ask her to try. She is honestly just doing what she wants on her channel and is so sweet as well as entertaining. My favorite videos of hers are anything that has her dogs in it, because if you haven't heard of Jenna Marbles, one thing you should know is that she has three adorable dogs and she LOVES them.


The Try Guys

Once they left Buzzfeed, I was worried The Try Guys were gone forever. But luckily, they made their own channel and continue to do the fun and crazy videos they were doing before. The simplest way to describe The Try Guys would be four guys that try different crazy activities normal people would probably be too scared to do themselves. Who would’ve thought it would be so entertaining to watch four grown men try everything from the KFC menu? Or taste test grocery store cakes? Or invent The Bachelorette for dogs? I could go on and list all of their other amazing videos, but if you think those examples sound crazy, just go to their channel and see all the other insane things they do for their videos. You won’t regret it!