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Your Most Important Accessory For Spring Break

Now that March is finally here, warm weather and sunshine are too! I know how amazing it feels to be out in the sun and soak up those rays, but you also need to make sure you’re protecting your skin with sunscreen. Being out in the sun without some SPF is harmful to your skin and sunburns are painful. So, it’s time to lather up ladies! And I know just the kind of sunscreen you need.

Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Green Tea sunscreen smells amazing with its 100% natural fragrance and feels light on the skin. It has no harmful chemicals and is a vegetarian, cruelty free product (meaning they don’t test on animals!). Whether you’re going to be at the beach this Spring Break or just chilling at home, protect that beautiful skin with this sunscreen and enjoy the sun!

This past weekend it was beautiful outside, so I decided to lay out and get my tan on. I lathered up with this SPF 45 sunscreen, and even though I usually burn easily, I finished my tanning session burn free! HC Auburn tested and approved!

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Sarrah Shew is a pre-graphic design major at Auburn University.
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