Why I Would Choose Auburn Every Time

As I’m rounding the corner on the end of my time at Auburn, I can’t help but wish I could do it over. And over! I would do it all again. Every move, every roommate, every good day, every bad day, every A, every F, every Toomer’s roll, every friendship, every snow day, every win, every loss, every bodda getta, every late night in RBD and every call home. 

There’s been sacrifices, but new doors always opened in their place. When I’ve missed my family, there have been friends who played that role perfectly. When I wasn’t sure if my career choice was right, there’s been professors who reassured me I was right where I needed to be. When I thought I had it all figured out, God showed me what he had planned. 

I’m going to miss waking up in this small town. I’m going to miss Toomer’s lemonade. I’m going to miss Mama G’s. I’m going to miss a Sunday afternoon at Plainsman Park and a Saturday in Jordan-Hare. I’m going to miss seeing familiar faces on campus. I’m going to miss seeing Aubie! I’m going to miss peers who’ve made impossible classes seem less daunting. I’m going to miss shopping at Angel’s and going on walks at Town Creek when my mom comes to visit. 

I’m thankful for the education I’m receiving. Not everyone is fortunate enough to go to college, and I count myself lucky to have that privilege. I’m thankful for teachers and faculty who invested in me beyond what they are called to do. I’m thankful to campus involvement for making me get out of my comfort zone and introduce myself to new people and experiences.

You could argue that you could say the same things about any university, but those of who are a part of the Auburn family know what it feels like to be a part of this community and the piece of your heart that it holds. I believe in Auburn and love it. And I would chose it every time.