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Why Coconut Oil is Your New Best Friend

I’ve recently been introduced to the beauty that is coconut oil and I’m convinced that it is as close to magic as any food could be. It can be used in every room of the house, or evey inch of your dorm, and the uses for it seem endless. Here’s why every collegiette should keep a jar of this versatile substance in their pantry!  

Weight Control:

Coconut oil is easy to digest and is the kind of fat that your body breaks down and turns into energy instead of storing it. This high quality fat also cuts down on any sugar cravings you might be having. Eating one to three tablespoons a day improves your metabolism, lessens your chance of developing fat on your abdomen, and increases your chance of losing that hard-to-rid-of tummy fat. It doesn’t have to be eaten raw, though.Try using it as a substitute for butter or cooking oils next time you prepare a meal.

Coconut oil is usually part solid and part liquid at room temperature

Immunity Booster:

Coconut oil kills many different types of bacteria, funguses, and viruses. When ingested it kills the bacteria that causes bloating and some stomach bugs. The oil has been shown to help sooth and heal many illnesses such as the flu and even types of HIV. Because it does kill bacteria, it can be helpful without having to consume it. If you have to use a mouthguard, for example, you could rub some coconut oil on it. After you let it sit and rinse it well, your mouthguard will be ready to use again, bacteria free.

You can find it at health food store as well as most grocery stores


Your body will thank you, head to toe, when you start using coconut oil in your daily routine. You’ll find that topical use moisturizes skin, prevents dandruff, works as aftershave, cleans your teeth and gums, gets rid of body odor, speeds up healing of mosquito bites, and helps clear up acne (though some people say the extra oil caused them to break out). Check out this Crunchy Betty post for more coconut oil beauty tips.

Even though it is a coconut product, you can get it in a form that is odorless and flavorless if you don't like coconut

Household Product:

The oil can help you around the house by making things last longer and helping with everday clean up. Instead of throwing out those rusty scissors or knives, let them soak in coconut oil for an hour and wipe clean in warm water. Preserve those fabulous leather handbags or shoes by polishing and conditioning them with a small dab of coconut oil on a rag. You can also do the same to detail your car to polish the interior and pick up dust and dirt. Coconut oil is also an effective way to remove sticky residue left from things like unwanted bumper stickers, product labels and stickers.

Sarah is currently a junior at Auburn University majoring in Graphic Design. She is in love with container gardening, music festivals, sunshine, and record stores. Some of her talents include getting hooked on tv shows with too many episodes and practicing amazing self control when it comes to online shopping. Her future aspirations include moving back to her hometown of Atlanta after graduating to pursue a career as a designer. Find her on instagram @saranspluey
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