Tips To Help You Through Finals

Finals week is approaching, and I know it can be dreadful to even think about studying. Instead of daydreaming about how Christmas break is around the corner, I have made a list ways to succeed this finals week and not have a breakdown in the library. 


1. Get organized

Staying organized will make your life during finals so much easier. Start by knowing exactly when and where your exams are and write them in your calendar or the reminders in your phone. You do not want to be freaking out the day of your exam when you realize you have no idea where you'll be taking it. Then, go through each of your classes and make sure you have all the materials you need to study. This can be PowerPoints, hand-written notes, or flash cards. By preparing beforehand and having everything laid out for yourself, it will be harder to procrastinate.


2. Space Out Your Studying

I know from experience that procrastinating and staying up for 12 hours straight to study is definitely not effective. That being said, make sure that you space out your studying for your classes and cover a good amount of material every day. For the next week, plan a set amount of time to study for each of your classes. You can set aside 3 hours for one class, take an hour break, and then study 3 hours for another class. By doing this, you are learning faster and can review what you learned the previous day. This will help you remember the material easier and more effectively.


3. Take Breaks

Like I said before, studying for 12 hours straight is not the way to go. Make sure to take breaks whether they be for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. Make a stopping point in your studying and use your break to make a snack, watch an episode of your favorite show or go hang out with some friends. There is definitely nothing wrong with taking a study break, just make sure it stays a break and get back to the books! Don't let this happen to you:


4. Exercise

During finals week, I know it will be hard to not run for your bed every time you come home from the library. But one day, try and see how getting active for 30 minutes makes you feel. You do not have to workout everyday for an hour, any form of exercise is great for you! It may not seem like it at first, but going for a walk on the treadmill or following a 10 minute workout on YouTube will make you feel so much better afterwards and even more energized.


Good Luck On Finals!