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Staying Safe in College with Wearsafe

As young women in college, safety is of the utmost importance in our lives. With statistics stating that 1 in 5 women in college experience sexual assault, 80% of sexual assault and rape victims are under 30 years old, and 9 out of every 10 victims of rape are female; how could we not take precautionary measures in our day to day lives?

Luckily, here at Auburn University, students are provided with multiple safety tools campus-wide. These tools consist of the night security shuttles, blue light emergency phones, the AU Alert System, and the presence of security staff members around campus. However, there is always room for the addition of tools that can provide aid when needed and make us more comfortable, right?

Wearsafe is a company looking to do just that. Wearsafe has created a small tag that is being used to prevent dangerous situations and to promote safety. The tag along with the Wearsafe App allow users to alert their friends and family that they are in a situation in which they need help with just the push of a button. The discreet design of the Wearsafe tag allows for it to go virtually unnoticed and is easily accessible. The tag is designed to be small and can be easily put on a backpack, keys, or even attached onto clothing.

When the tag’s button is pressed, an alert is immediately sent out to the family and friends that are on that tag’s network. This alert will send them audio, your location, and starts a live chat room where everyone on your network can coordinate a singular response. Or they are given the option to call 911. This is all done while the most important thing in a dangerous situation is hidden, your cell phone.


When I first connected my Wearsafe tag to the Wearsafe App, I found that the product was incredibly simple and easy to use. In a matter of ten minutes, I had already connected my tag to my phone, set up a network of my closest friends and family, and filled out all of the required information about myself such as a photo, my hair and eye color, age, height, and weight.

After linking my tag and setting up my account, I decided that I wanted to test it out. So I let a friend know that I just wanted to see how easily it worked and hit the tag’s button. My friend instantly received a text message, email, and a notification from the Wearsafe App on his phone that I sent out an alert. My friend then opened the app and was able to hear the live audio, see my location, and was given the option to call 911 if he decided it was necessary. I then went to the app on my phone and turned the alert off by sliding an icon and entering my birthday. My first experience using Wearsafe was definitely a successful one. 

During the two weeks I spent using the Wearsafe tag before I wrote this article, I used it in my normal days across campus, on evening runs, and on a hiking and zip lining trip.

Overall, I think that the Wearsafe tag is a great tool for any young person to use if they are looking to feel more secure on their own or are wanting to have a backup in case of a dangerous event.   

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Samantha is currently a freshman at Auburn University and is currently studying pre-veterinary medicine with a minor in journalism. Samantha has a passion not only for animals, but also for people and loves to use writing as a way to reach out to others. She can be described as being spunky, driven, and generous. A few of her favorite things consist of the Auburn Creed, dogs, women in history, and lovely words. 
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