See How CHAARG is Inspiring Girls from the Eliptical-- an Interview with Anna Woodhouse

When I came to Auburn, I knew I wanted to join a club. I’m not in a sorority, and I sort of had this preconceived notion that that was the ONLY way to make friends in college. When I heard about CHAARG, I was instantly interested. I didn’t know much about it, other than the fact that in this club you worked out, and I knew I wanted to stay active as much as I could these next four years. I thought joining would also be a good way to motivate myself to work out and, hey, if I was in a club where the whole point was meeting to workout, I couldn’t really decide last minute not to go and take a nap instead.

We’re a little over two months into the school year, and I can say I am so glad I joined this club. It’s more than just working out once or twice a week. You meet so many people in your small groups that you work out with and it’s so nice to have a group of people supporting you and cheering you on as well as being able to cheer on others.

I interviewed one of my small group leaders and the CHAARG VP of Membership, Anna Woodhouse. Anna is a sophomore from North Carolina and is studying pre-communication disorders. She is also taking a personal training class with Auburn and getting her certification.

Sarrah: So I know what CHAARG is, but how would you describe it to someone who had never heard of it before?

Anna: CHAARG is a woman's health and fitness organization that empowers girls to find their fit and to discover that fitness can and should be fun. It stands for Changing Health Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls. Our mantra is Liberating Girls from the Elliptical, so we want girls to try all different kinds of workouts and discover what makes them feel strong, happy, and beautiful!

S: How has CHAARG positively affected your life (fitness wise, mentally)?

A: I came to school not knowing anybody from North Carolina, which is about 8 hours away. I came not really knowing what I wanted to do or the kind of people I wanted to surround myself with. I happened to find this organization kind of by mistake and it really helped me find a solid group of friends with a really positive mentality. I found the kind of people that I really wanted to surround myself with and the girls that would celebrate me at my best and help me through my worst and everything in between! It’s really been an important part of my experience here at Auburn and I can’t imagine being where I am now without it.

CHAARG is an amazing way to meet a group of girls that will support you through your health journey, no matter what point you're at! See if CHAARG is for you!