Resolutions to Revolutions

Happy New Year!!

We all make those New Year’s resolutions at the end of each year, but do we follow through with them? Maybe for the first week or so, but then again.. probably not. We might workout for 3 days straight or stick to a carb-free diet for a couple days then think, “Why the heck did I make these bogus resolutions for myself?!” Here’s the thing, it’s great that you set the bar high, but let’s try again. This time, in moderation.

The ultimate goal is to start something new, and eventually keep up with it! Here are some things to get you started AND keep you going.


1. Write down your goals.

2. Make these goals visible to you.

3. Set the goal for a month and evaluate your success.

4. Modify the goal after the first “trial” period.                                              

5. Set another short term goal and repeat steps 1-4.

6. Slowly dip your toe into this “new you” - don’t dive in!

7. Reflect and mark your progress.

8. Even though you may not contribute to your goal every day, it’s okay.

9. Remember, it takes 2 weeks to learn a habit.


Take it day by day. If you fail, it's not over! Good luck. (: