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Thanksgiving being right around the corner can only mean one thing—finals week is not far behind. If you are anything like me (or any college student for that matter), studying is tough. You spend endless hours at the library staring at a textbook hoping that just holding it in your hands will give you the ability to retain the information.  

Don’t worry! Here are a few fun ways to take your mind off of the studying and (hopefully) lower your stress levels just a bit.  



Watch a Christmas movie

… or 12. The cheesier the movie, the better. Netflix is slowly leaking out the classic holiday movies, but the ones we all hate to love are found on Hallmark pretty much 24/7 starting the day after Halloween. Put your books away and break out the fuzzy socks and hot chocolate and enjoy an hour or two of cheesiness. 


Take a bath

… with a bath bomb … and a candle … and flower petals…you know, the usual. Set aside an hour to just soak and relax. Take studying out of your mind and replace it with a relaxing Spotify playlist. A little relaxation never hurt anybody, right?


Bake cookies

Chocolate chip, the cute ones with the reindeer faces, sugar—the possibilities are endless. If you and your friends find some even more spare time, buy a ton of frosting and decorative sprinkles and go crazy. Frosting (and consuming unnecessary amounts of sugar) is a surprisingly perfect way to relieve stress. 


Write Your Class Reviews

You know, those ones that we all delete the minute they enter our inbox at the end of the semester? Write them! Reflect on your favorite classes and professors and let them know how they had an impact on you throughout the semester. Even if you weren’t a huge fan, think of the positives. They are working just as hard as you this finals week and a little positivity goes a long way. Most professors also offer extra credit if these are completed—find out!


Take a Nap

I know it sounds crazy—how could you possibly wake up ready to go after dozing off for hours? Save the caffeine for after a 25-30 minute nap. That way, you’ll avoid staring at the ceiling and will wake up energized and ready to continue hitting the books. 


Go for a Run

Or if it’s too cold outside, go to the rec. Chances are, you’ve been sitting at a desk taking in coffee as if it were a necessity to breathe; take about an hour to leave your books at home and focus on something else. You’ll have more energy and will be ready to take on the studying again. It will also help you fall asleep earlier—just saying.


Visit the Humane Society

Puppy therapy is a real thing and it’s amazing. Pack up a few friends and take a trip to the shelter to visit a few furry faces. Not only does it help you unwind, but the animals also love the attention. And definitely don’t be afraid to take one home!

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