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Happy 2014 ladies! Like many of us, you want to make 2014 your best year yet! Unlike 2013, 2012, 2011, and well, every other year, your New Year's Resolutions did not quite live up to their initial excitement and dedication. Maybe your goals were unrealistic, or maybe you just let them fall by the way side. Here are 7 goals and changes for 2014 to seriously make it your best year EVER!


1. Change your ‘do.

New year, new ‘do right? Shed last years problems with a fresh new hairstyle. Feeling generous? Locks of Love will happily take your old luscious locks and give them to someone in need. Don’t want to cut your hair? How about a slight change in color? Go a little darker. Get some highlights. If you’re not feeling as daring, try a simple change in the way you wear your hair. Enhance your pony tail by adding a braid along the side, or give your straightener a rest and try curling it. I guarantee people will notice. 


2. Make more time for friends.

We are all busy, but having more time with you favorite people will make you happier and less stressed. Check out your local restaurants and discover when they have specials and make that a girls night. If you and your friends are 21, Moe’s Original BBQ in downtown Auburn has $5 wine night on Tuesdays. Not yet 21? Make Sunday afternoons Chewacla afternoons. Either way, more time with your gal pals is never a bad thing. 



3. R-E-A-D.

This one seems to appear on many New Year's resolution lists, but it does so because it’s a good one. Step away from Facebook, Netflix, Tinder, or whatever your social media habit may be and pull out a good book. Reading makes you smarter, and who doesn’t want that?!



4. Stop sitting in the back of class.

Yes, you read that correctly. Contrary to popular belief, class can be fun, if you participate. Make your presence in class known! Talk to the people around you. You might as well make some friends since you will be seeing them every week for the next few months. Who knows, maybe you will find a little something special ;)



5. Confidence is key.

This applies in many arenas. Stop waiting for the guy you’ve been crushing on all last semester to text you! Text him! Guys like it when girls are assertive. Have a cool new style you’ve been wanting to try out but have been afraid you couldn’t pull it off? Give it a shot! You wear that graphic tee with the pandas on it, and do it with confidence. Confidence is sexy. 



6. Do something spontaneous.

The next time you and your friends are bored on a Saturday morning, hop in the car and take a spontaneous road trip to Atlanta or Birmingham for the day. Go to a fancy restaurant or to the Coca Cola factory, and of course take a cute Instagram to show off you and your super cute friends and your day’s activities! 



7. Volunteer.

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Make 2014 your year to serve. There are countless opportunities to volunteer in your town. Check out ways to help your local humane society. The Lee County Humane Society takes volunteers to walk the dogs and simply play with them and show them some love. If animals aren’t your thing, get involved with kids. Project Uplift is a wonderful organization that partners Auburn students with a child in the area to big their “big sister” or “big brother.” If you can’t commit to weekly volunteering, give blood at a local blood drive. That takes almost no time at all and your saving a life. A win-win for everyone!





Now get out there and make 2014 your best year EVER!



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