The Insta-less Struggle and Mindful Eating

After throwing together a few photos for Snapshot a couple of weeks ago, it finally hit me just how much I miss social media. Not necessarily for the scrolling and likes, but for the love of food. To make up for the lack of drool-worthy Instagram  photos, I spend extra time on Pinterest, dreaming of making beautiful cakes and eating wholesome meals galore. Since my realization, I have been taking a few photos of my meal every night, and making the plate somewhat pretty. In the process, it has helped me become a mindful eater again. Mindful eating is using all of the senses to explore your meal, thinking of the food as tasty and  nourishing, and fully enjoying the process of eating. One of the ways I practice mindful eating is making dinner every night with my boyfriend. (You can thank him for all the meat I consume.) There are plenty of benefits to making dinner, but, since school and work have taken over my life completely, being a mindful eater has not been one of them. Most nights, I come home, sit down, complain, rush through the cooking process, shove piping hot food in my mouth, and immediately regret it. Taking photos of my food has made eating fun for me again. Even though I'm not putting the pictures on social media, and sometimes I wish I could, being able to slow down and being appreciative of food goes a long way. So here's to week 10 without social media. I still don't regret letting go of it, and I definitely notice when my boyfriend mindlessly scrolls. 


Saturday splurge: Homemade biscuits and gravy, with Italian sausage and Italian herb biscuits. It was one of the things I have ever made!


V-Day decadence: Ultra-rich cake "ball" smashed between two Ritz crackers

We made cake balls, and instead of dipping this one in chocolate, I smashed it between two Ritz crackers, then dipped it chocolate.


Meat and potatoes, sort of: Sweet potato garlic egg noodle porkchops 


Week night pick-me-up: Beef and veggie stir fry 


A pizza that slays (no hot sauce required): Greek kale pesto pizza