Five More Things You Need to Know Before Transferring Into Auburn

Hello again! I know in my last article, I said it might be a while until I gave an update about other things you may want to know when you transfer to Auburn. Turns out, I was wrong. There are a TON of things you need to know when first coming to Auburn. However, like in my last article, I will keep it down to five tips.  

Tip #1: Get a GroupMe

Some of you may know what this app is, others may not. I was in the latter category, so I will speak to those who share the same confusion as I did. GroupMe is an app that allows you to enter group chats with people without giving out your phone number, if so desired. These chats can be as small as two or as big as 1,000. It's a way of texting people in large quantities without using your data. It's amazing for group projects, class discussions or even small groups at your local church. The app if free, so no worries there, and it is crucial to being a student at Auburn University. I have been here little over a month and I am already a part of twelve group chats through the app. I highly recommend getting the app beforehand. It will help you stay on the up and up with your classes and group assignments.  

Tip #2: Keep an umbrella and a jacket in your car/backpack at all times

Alabama, especially the town of Auburn, is rainy during winter. I don't know about summer, since I haven't been here long enough to experience it, but winter is definitely dreary at times. This can turn out to be unfortunate if you're walking, riding or rolling to class. I had the horrible pleasure of being soaked clear through my thick jacket, long sleeve shirt and jeans. This left me freezing and soaked during American Lit. With two more more classes to go, I wasn't putting up with that, so I ended up buying a sweatshirt from the bookstore. That was $30 I did not want to spend. To avoid the same predicament as I did, I recommend carrying an umbrella, raincoat and/or jacket in your car or backpack at all times. It never hurts to be too cautious.


Tip #3: Download the Rider App

This app will save your life if you have to take a bus to campus. It tells you what route you're on, which stop is closest to you and when your bus will be there. This app is a definite necessity, but you also need to catch the bus at least 45 minutes before you're supposed to be at class. Why so early? Well a bus does have to make other stops, which means that you will get to campus slower than you would in your car. The earlier time accounts for stops, delays and then walking to your building. I know this might seem worse than taking your car, but you will get to class faster in the long run.


Tip #4: Download Get

Get is an app that you should most definitely download. You can sync your Tigercard (your student ID with your Dining Dollars on it) to it and use that to pay for food on campus. This comes in handy if you've left your wallet at home or lost your Tigercard. Fortunately, this app is also free.


Tip #5: If you can, get a bike, skateboard or scooter

Auburn's campus may not seem very large, but it is huge, especially when walking. Now if you're a transfer, or someone who waited until the last minute to register for parking, you're most likely C parking. This means you will be walking to all of your classes if you missed the bus or there isn't one nearby to take you to school. Hopefully you're not like me, where you have to walk 20+ minutes to get to your classroom, but if you are, this is where the wheeled, smaller transportation comes in to play. If you have a bike, skateboard, longboard, roller skates/blades, scooter, etc. and can use it over long distance, please do so. It will make getting around campus so much easier, for both time constraints and for your poor feet.   

I hope that these tips will help you in your new adventure as an Auburn student, and again, if anything new comes to me attention as a good tip, I will post a follow up article. Until next time, War Eagle!