Binge Watching in Comfort

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Movies… it seems like there are ton of different platforms to kickback and watch all your favorite shows in the comfort of your bed. But are you really comfortable? Having to lay on your side for an 45mins (the exact time it takes to watch an episode of The Get Down on Netflix), craning your neck to see your 12” TV in your dorm room, or sitting in some awkward position on the floor while you’re doing a project can end in pain. Here are 4 ways to “Binge Watch” and keep your body happy:

Invest in a reading pillow. Reading pillows provide support for your back and your neck. These comfortable cushions come with arm rest on the side and sometimes pockets to store your cellphone or other items you’re too lazy to get out of bed to get. They are easy to transport from room to room and some brands come with pillow cases that can be easy washed and placed back on in minutes.

Don't criss-cross your legs for more than 30 minutes. Crossing your legs for long periods of time can cause problems like “raised blood pressure, varicose veins and nerve damage.” It's suggested to sit with your legs stretched forward and preferably elevated. This way we can finish that last episode of Stranger Things without risking the health of our legs.

Use your commercial break for good, not evil! Television stations give you at least 3 minutes of break time, and we call those commercials. This isn't just time to advertise, but to also give the viewer time to stretch and do other things they have been avoiding because they needed to see if Rick from The Walking Dead would make it out alive. Take those 3 to 4 minutes of break time to walk around, stretch, and stop ignoring the bathroom.  


Create a safe and comfortable workspace. This is college… we can not sit and watch an entire season of Lucifer without consequences. Often times we must binge watch and do homework at the same time. Creating a workspace where you can see your television without straining your neck, or placing your laptop in a good position will help combat upper body cramps and squinting of the eyes. Work at a desk and have ample amount of room to change positions and adjust your stack of papers. Make sure you have all the little items you’ll need to work in reaching distance so you won't miss a second of your favorite show.