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Aerie Real with Iskra Lawrence

On March 6 and 7, Auburn University was lucky enough to visited by the Aerie Happy Tour crew! As one of five stops on the tour, a pop-up style shop was set up on the Green Space in front of Jordan-Hare Stadium for all students and locals to enjoy from 11 am to 5 pm. The entire event was incredibly well done. At the event there were plenty of cute photo opportunities, a DJ with great live music, plenty of shopping, and even the chance to meet and listen to a talk by the one and only Iskra Lawrence. It created a super cute space that screamed body positivity and fun in the best way possible. If this event didn’t get you ready to rock your bathing suit over spring break, then I don’t know what will!


When I first arrived, I was greeted by two very sweet Aerie employees. They gave me the opportunity to become an Aerie Rewards Member, and I was handed a bag of cotton candy (um yes, please, thanks). At the same time, I was also told that all Aerie Rewards Members had the opportunity to shop buy one, get one 50% off of anything in the pop-up shop! Talk about shop your heart out Auburn! The shop consisted of not only their well-known bralettes, but also swim tops, bottoms, and one pieces, cute clothes, tons of accessories and beachy-cool products.

As far as meeting and getting the chance to interview Iskra Lawrence, I can honestly say that she is just and sweet and genuine in person, if not more, as she is online. She was incredibly warm and welcoming and was so willing to answer the questions that I had for her. With spring break quickly approaching as I spoke to her, I decided that I wanted to ask her for advice for college girls, as most of us race towards the beach this week, and her response was a message every girl needs to hear.

“Everyone is there, everyone is feeling the same way. A lot of people don’t feel comfortable in their swim, but you need to realize that you should be grateful for where you are, the fun that you’re about to have, your friends, your family, just being alive and having this day. Have that feeling rather than letting your insecurities stop you from (enjoying it), because life’s too short!” she responded.


She went on to say, “I know you might be thinking that your cellulite or whatever imperfection you’ve been focusing on is what everyone is focusing on; it’s not.”  

She also mentioned to me the importance of mentally combating negativity when it comes to body image and said this, “It’s making the priority you being happy, and enjoying the moment and forgetting about what anyone else thinks.”

I think we could all use a little of Iskra’s advice—not only this spring break, but sometimes just in our everyday lives when our spirits aren’t so high. Like she said, our priority should always be that we are happy and nothing else really matters. I left my discussion with her wishing that every girl could have felt the way I did after talking to her. Our chat was inspirational and she put things so clearly.

After our interview, I decided that I wanted to stay and listen for her talk that would be a bit later on. Since I had some time to spare, I sat at one of the nice tables they had sat up and took the time to observe the other students and people visiting the pop-up shop. I noticed that the small space that the event had taken up of the Green Space was full of nothing but happiness and positivity, and it was incredible. This event that Aerie brought to Auburn was full of self-empowerment, body positivity, and super cute clothes. I hope you all have an amazing body positive and safe spring break!


Samantha is currently a freshman at Auburn University and is currently studying pre-veterinary medicine with a minor in journalism. Samantha has a passion not only for animals, but also for people and loves to use writing as a way to reach out to others. She can be described as being spunky, driven, and generous. A few of her favorite things consist of the Auburn Creed, dogs, women in history, and lovely words. 
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