15 DIY Costumes for You and Your S.O.

DIY costumes have become so much more popular in recent years due to people realizing how expensive it is to get a decent costume from a Halloween store. While there are certainly some affordable options, making a DIY costume can be just as good and 10x more fun! If your significant other is willing to dress up with you and match, it can be a super cute date night idea to go get supplies and create something together. Below is a mix of movie, TV, fairy tale and pun costumes to share with the person you're with (friends included!).


Jim and Pam from "The Office"

How cute is this business casual look? Dress as your favorite paper salesman and receptionist by digging out some work-appropriate clothing and printing some Dunder Mifflin name tags. For Pam, the cardigan is essential to the look, as is her half up-half down hair style. For Jim, some khakis and a tie are best, plus an amazing sense of humor!


Peter Pan and Tinker Bell

For those of us who haven't grown up, use a little pixie dust (and a whole lot of green clothing) to fashion these costumes! For Tink, grab a green shirt or body suit, a green tutu, some fairy wings and her cute top knot. For Peter, green pants (or tights if you s.o. is feeling it), a green tunic, a hat with a red feather and a mischievous smile finish off the couple!


Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight with your partner this Halloween! For Sailor Moon, a white body suit, blue tutu, red shoes, a big red bow, a glittering tiara and her signature pony tails will get you ready to use your moon stick. For Tuxedo Mask, a black tuxedo (or black clothing), a black/red cape, a black top hat, a white mask and a single red rose are perfect for the most handsome hero!


Bob Ross and His Happy Little Tree

If you're more of a chill couple, Bob Ross and a happy little tree will bring the ultimate chill vibe. For Bob, a curly hair do, a button down shirt and painting materials capture his soothing personality. For the happy little tree, red/orange/yellow leaves on an autumn colored outfit resemble his beautiful creation; don't forget a happy smile and cute branches!


Bob and Linda Belcher from "Bob's Burgers"

This couple is honestly marriage goals! This is perfect for the goofy couple who already act like they've been married for years. For Linda, a cute red long-sleeve shirt, jeans, a white apron and her cute cat-eye red glasses will capture Linda's bold attitude. For Bob, a white shirt, white apron, jeans, a black mustache and a spatula complete the burger-flipping duo!


Mario and Princess Peach

A couple who have stood the test of time, Mario and Peach are the best competitive duo. For Mario, overalls (or suspenders with blue jeans), a red shirt, white gloves, a red hat and a black mustache bring this character to life. For Peach, a princess-like pink dress, white gloves and a sparkly tiara make her a beautiful competitor. Bonus points if you make shells to toss at each other!


Star-Lord and Gamora from "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Fight villains (*cough cough* Thanos) with your significant other as one of the best Marvel couples! For Gamora, the green body paint is the most important part; add in some purple hair color and tight black clothing that help you kick butt. For Star-Lord, you can go all out with the mask, or you can keep it simple with a red jacket, rugged jeans and a brown messenger bag. 


Princess Buttercup and Westley from "The Princess Bride"

It's ~inconceivable~ that these costumes weren't at the top of your list! For Buttercup, a red flowing dress, gold belt and a gold headband will recreate her riding outfit. For Westley, you'll need black pants, black boots, a flowing black shirt, a black bandana and a signature black mask. Don't forget to tell people "as you wish!"


Magician and white rabbit

For those couples that like to entertain, what's better than a classic act like this? For the rabbit, an all white outfit, white gloves, bunny ears and cute little nose with whiskers will make you ~hopping~ cute. For the magician, you'll need a black suit, white gloves, black top hat and a bow tie to complete the magical look.


Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Though I'm not a fan of scary costumes, this wolf mask makes the costume so much better! For Red, you'll need the iconic red hooded cape and a basket full of goodies for grandma (or your friends). For the Wolf, you can wear anything as long as you have a wolf mask (but props to you if you choose to be the grandma version of the wolf!) 


Britney Spears and JT from the VMAs

Who is still haunted by this daring couples outfit on the red carpet? It's the ultimate test of your love for one another: are you willing to go out in public in all jean outfits? For Britney, a jean dress (the more over-the-top the better) plus any jean accessories you can find... but a sparkly choker is necessary. For Justin, you also need as much jean clothing items as possible, plus some cool shades!


Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin from "Parks and Rec"

Another TV couple who is absolute marriage goals, Andy and April know how to mix it up by incorporating alter egos, Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin. For Burt, you'll need some cool sunglasses, an "FBI" jacket and a badge to show off your credentials. For Janet, you'll need a black dress, pearls, a hat with a veil and a cigarette holder, plus a killer accent. 


Hogwarts students

Not everyone wants to be Harry Potter when there are other cool Hogwarts houses to be apart of! You and your S.O. can find out your houses if you're not sure yet (but who doesn't know that?) and then find the appropriate colors and symbols. A black robe and a wand are must haves, no matter what you're wearing under it! School uniform type outfits will fit in best, but Harry Potter merch will also work.


Morticia and Gomez Addams

What couple is more elegant and in love than this spooky duo, Morticia and Gomez? They're kooky, but they're so in love that it's enviable! For Morticia, you'll need a tight, floor-length black dress, red lipstick and killer eyeshadow! For Gomez, you'll need a suit (preferably pinstripe, but always black), slicked back hair, a mustache and a perfect black bow tie. 


Cookies and Milkman 

A cookie and milk are a great combo, but why not take it a step further by honoring the person who used to bring that drink to the doors? For the milkman, you'll need a white button down shirt, white pants, black shoes and a white hat that you can write "Milkman" on. For the cookie, you'll need a dress or outfit you can make to look like your favorite cookie; the cookie options are endless!