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Why You Need Mario Badescu As One Of Your New Fav Spring Beauty Products

Due to the fact that I am a poor college student and have never had parents willing to dish out hundreds of dollars on expensive skin care products, I had to do my research in order to find the best and cheapest line of skin care products to help combat some of the cystic acne and scarring that seemingly took over my pale complexion overnight.

Post research I went ahead and acquired some samples from nearly ten different lines and have discovered the one brand that everyone who wants to see results must invest in, Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu has been my saving grace ever since my first spritz of his rose water facial spray nearly a year ago. His products range in price from about $7-$25 (for the majority of items I’ve purchased which I always buy from Ulta because Platinum Perks holla). Here are some of my favorite items that can all be found at Ulta.com or at MarioBadescu.com. (FYI mariobadescu.com is having a spring essentials sale perfect time to try some of the amazing products below!)

Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender- $12

I know everyone is obsessed with the rose water spray but this one is honestly one hundred times better and the purple color is much more appealing. I use this in the morning and also as a setting spray to top off my makeup!


Buttermilk Moisturizer- $18 

I was fascinated with this product primarily due to the blue color and the fact that it is made of buttermilk, an interesting choice for a face product. However, it definitely proved itself, as it is now my favorite moisturizer, not too greasy and is great to put on at night or in the morning. 

Special Cleansing Lotion C- $15 

Out of all the Mario Badescu products, this one is my absolute favorite and if you’re going to buy anything from the list, I recommend this one the most. An astringent made with sulfur, this will clean and remove any leftover makeup you may have that your Clarisonic or hands might have missed. It can be applied with a cotton ball or washcloth, but be sure to let it dry completely before applying any moisturizer.


Whitening Mask- $24 

So many products promise to help with eliminating acne scarring and so many have failed me, except for this one. I noticed in the month and half of using this twice a week, that my scarring had faded dramatically. Rather than spending $4 on one sheet mask invest in this little guy instead. 


Kaela is currently a Junior at Arizona State University double majoring in Political Science and Public Service and Public Policy with a law concentration. Kaela is one of the Editors for Her Campus ASU! When she is not writing and editing for Her Campus, she is studying, reading, drinking espresso, and advocating for social change. This past summer Kaela interned with Mayor Kate Gallego’s Office in Phoenix! Have questions or suggestions for Kaela? Feel free to email her at kbusse1@asu.edu.
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