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Significant Events Taking Time Away From Significant Others

Classes, COVID, and working, oh my! Planning time for your friends or partner can be extremely difficult during a time like this. Essential employees are working overtime, causing all free time to be put into sleeping between long shifts, eating a quick meal before heading back to work, or even self-isolation before returning to the public. Time management and self-care have become absolutely essential whether it’s taking the time for a quick face mask, watching your favorite YouTube video, or  spending time with someone else (while abiding by distancing laws!)

[bf_image id="qaln1v-33eyag-2y2t6w"] Schools shutting down mid-March while students were  on their spring break took a toll on everyone, not just college students. Most of the working-class lost their jobs, students had to finish their lectures via video chat, and unemployment rates rose  causing stress and fear amongst American society. Many businesses deemed “essential” stayed open and over-worked  their employees who tested negative for COVID-19, robbing them of their preferred personal time between shifts.

Kate Evans, ASU junior says, “My day does typically begin with zoom calls with my professors, eat lunch, then ending my nights with either studying, working, or talking to my girlfriend” and continues, “Sometimes our schedules clash because she has a job and many classes, but when we are together, whether it be working on homework or even getting dinner, we are always looking ahead on planning our next time together.”

Keep in mind that everyone (students and workers) are fighting this pandemic together, however everyone has their differences when it comes to managing their time.

“I can’t move my work and homework schedule, but my friends and I agreed to hang out at least two to three times a week. When all of us know that there is a time for us to see each other, we tend to feel less stressed and hopeful for the time we have for each other,” says Sarah Chiovari, ASU junior. “My friends are a constant in my life, so I always want to appreciate and acknowledge them.”

Ask anyone, the chance that their day is preplanned with classes, appointments, or homework, is extremely high.. But taking personal time and shifting the “planning” mindset from academic to personal is key. ven something as simple as running errands by yourself can bring back the feeling of being back in your own body rather than an essential employee or student or teacher.

“I will text [Alejandro] when I am running errands or in between tasks just to let him know that I am thinking about him,” said Camille Auer, ASU junior. “While I focus primarily on my schoolwork and then him second, he does the same thing. We are just career-oriented people that get our schoolwork done earlier in the day, then we make plans with each other.”

[bf_image id="qf0k10-617ibc-6edrwd"] The company of another person is extremely valuable when it comes to a healthy social life. Whether it be a parent, significant other, or a friend, companionship is a necessity. The encouragement and reassurance each person brings to the table aids in determining how positive or negative days can and will become.

JP is a born and raised Midwesterner, but now calls the desert home. They are a senior studying English, Spanish, and Media Analysis. When they're not writing for Her Campus, catch them wreaking havoc on Twitter: @HansonJenna or getting another tattoo.
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