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Our Interview with Emma, Campus Correspondent from HC Gonzaga!

My name is Emma Winkelman and I am one of the Campus Correspondents at Gonzaga University! I am from Reno, Nevada and I am studying a Communication Studies as my major. My favorite band is The 1975 – I saw them in concert last October.  I love hanging out in out “Hemm Den” on campus. The Hemm Den is a study lounge in the basement of our student building. My favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream and I love to eat it while watching my favorite childhood television show, Chowder!

My favorite articles I have written are profiles on my friends. I love promoting the organizations they are involved in on campus and learning more about them.  One secret about Her Campus Gonzaga that nobody else would know is that we receive no funding from the University, but we still manage to put on fun events for student body!

I stay active on campus through Her Campus Gonzaga, because it gives me an outlet to be an activist as well as find strong women who support me as well!


Sydney McCoy is a freshman at Arizona State University studying Biomedical Sciences. She is currently the events coordinator for Her Campus at ASU. She is from Springfield, Illinois and graduated from Williamsville High School. She loves to get involved with her community and also loves cats and Gucci Mane.
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