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New Artists You Should Check Out Based On Your Moon Sign

Most people are aware of their sun sign; it’s the traditional sign that you typically use when looking up your horoscope, and the easiest to calculate based on your birthday. But, did you know that your moon sign is what’s used to determine your emotional reality and expression? Your moon sign affects how you feel, process emotions, and how you emotionally connect with others. Knowing where your moon sign is in your chart can help you analyze and learn more about your approach to emotions. The modality of a sign, whether it’s cardinal, fixed, or mutable also weighs in on your experiences. You can create a free natal chart and figure out all your placements, then read this article to see what artists I’ve chosen for each moon sign! 

I wanted to choose some newer artists that don’t have a huge monthly listener count on Spotify to represent each moon sign and hopefully introduce you to some awesome and underrated artists! I made a Spotify playlist with songs from each artist for each sign, going in the same order as the article. Check it out here.

Aquarius: CHLOE TANG

Aquarius is a fixed sign. These moons tend to be observant, shy, and have feelings of being an outsider in some way. They can be emotionally detached or blocked when expressing emotion. They tend to be more intellectual than emotional. Aquarian moons are stubborn and constant. They like their independence and accept people as they are.


 Pisces moons are dreamy, intuitive, and deeply emotional. They have a strong, almost childlike connection to their emotions, and aren’t afraid to outwardly express how they feel. They’re compassionate, although sometimes spacey and in their own daydream world. Plus, they believe in magic, love, and possibilities. 


Aries is a cardinal sign. Aries moons are impatient, direct, and passionate. They tend to take things personally and tend to live in the moment. As a result, Aries moons tend to act on a whim rather than thinking of all what-ifs. They’re independent and tackle conflict and emotions head-on. 


Taurus is a fixed sign. Taurus moons are stubborn, committed, and incredibly loyal to those they love. They seek security and tend to be sensible and reliable. They’re pretty even-tempered when it comes to emotions and will think things through. Ultimately, they rarely explode in anger or sadness. 

Gemini: LYNCS

I’m a Gemini moon! Gemini is a mutable sign. The twins of the zodiac are anxious, always moving, and need to be stimulated at all times. Gemini moons can be moody, they tend to be bad at dealing with their own emotional needs. They can explain their emotions but tend to be bad at truly feeling things without being overwhelmed. Gemini moons are bored by routine and haunted by a constant inner-restlessness.


Cancer is a cardinal sign. Cancer moons are emotional, empathetic, and sentimental. They’re a very emotional sign and feel things for a very long time. Cancer moons tend to be passive and non-confrontational. 


Leo is a fixed sign. Leo moons prefer to be the center of attention. They’re proud, stubborn, and organized. Leo moons have a tendency to be dramatic and want to be seen and valued. Their self-esteem is strong and they know they’re worth everything they ask for. 


Virgo is a mutable sign. Virgo moons need to be needed in relationships. They’re organized, efficient, and very routine creatures. They tend to be anxious, and detail-oriented and can be overwhelmed by the big picture and the unknown. 


Libra is a cardinal sign. Libra moons are sympathetic, focused on others, and idealistic. They tend to be relationship seekers, they need to be partnered and find strength and comfort through others. 


Scorpio is a fixed sign. Scorpio moons have a deep connection to their emotions and tend to be drawn to others' emotions. They’re intense and dramatic in relationships but are also intuitive and perceptive of others’ feelings.


Sagittarius is a mutable sign. Sag moons need their space and hate to feel trapped in a routine or relationship. They’re adaptable, optimistic, and truly live in the moment, living on vibes rather than deep contemplation. They like traveling and new experiences, tend to be bad at routine, and tend to run when things get too serious or monotonous in their relationships. 


Capricorn is a cardinal sign. Cap moons are steady and reliable. They tend to keep emotions under the surface and can be quite guarded. Once they feel safe enough to open up and be vulnerable, they’re incredibly loyal and secure. Cap moons are focused on safety, security, and tradition.  

These are all personal music choices and are in no way definitive, so if you don’t agree, please don’t come for me! But, if you think a different artist works better for any of the signs, I’m @coldcoffeecry on Twitter. Let’s discuss all things music and astrology! 

Michaela Steele is a senior at ASU Online, studying Mass Communications with a Women&Gender Studies minor. Michaela enjoys writing, going to concerts, and binge watching David Attenborough documentaries. She aspires to work in music PR. She's passionate about intersectional feminism, discussing philosophy, and analyzing media. Feel free to reach her at: msteel11@asu.edu
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