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My Life as a Poet

“I wish to write something deep,

something that makes you question your being.

I wish I could jot down a few words that inspire you, make you get up and move.

I wish to write something to change someones life, a life that has been broken by the people from our past.

I wish to make a difference, for today, for tomorrow, for our future.

Because I am a poet...

Actually I am not, I am more of someone that dreams, wishes, and hopes to be heard.

The closest thing I have to being a poet is taking pen and touching the ball pin to paper. Because I want to be heard, I want to be understood.

I yearned to be loved. From YOU, and YOU, and YOU,

Because one person is not enough. One person cannot fulfill all that my heart desires. DESIRES, WISHES and DREAMS.

I wish I had the desire to see you in my dreams, instead you are a faded memory, a mistake in my head.

It is like someone is hitting the replay button because you are ingrained

Yesterday, now, and forever”

Written by: Niamey


On Wednesday Nov. 20, 2013 ASU Gammage had an open mic night hosted by Myrlin Hepworth. If anyone has ever heard him speak then they understand the presence he carries when he’s on a stage. The way he brings shivers down a girl's spine when he speaks because his voice is deep with a sweet taste of love flowing through his words - and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a looker. ;)

Myrlin Hepworth is a small town boy who has taught us that one can make it in a big time city as long as they have heart. Gracing countless stages with “Brave New Voices” and “Phonetic Spirit,” he makes a lasting impression and makes you crave more. If you haven’t heard him before I suggest you google him now, or listen to him on YouTube!

Keep an eye out for him at First Fridays and around any other open mic night’s taking place around ASU. This man is one rockstar!


Hey all! My name is Niamey Thomas I am A junior at ASU studying Communication, dance, and Brazilian studies! I love blogging and sharing ideas, I would like to become a Motivational speaker and own a Arts studio. I have my own company LifeOfAYoungRealistic http://niameythomas.wix.com/youngrealistic Feel free to follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/NNIIAMEY pintrest http://pinterest.com/nniiamey/ tumblr http://nniamey.tumblr.com/
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