A Message to Myself and Anyone Who is Stressed

Stress. It’s a topic that has easily been walked over. Many people have it, but not many address it. With everything that’s been going on in the real world, stress is going to be common in many different forms. Whether you’re stressing about classes moving online, or not being unemployed, or even not getting the groceries you normally buy, what you’re feeling is stress. I’m not here to tell you that you’re just like everyone else, but I am here to tell you it is going to be okay.

Here are some ways to ease your stress. Please remember this isn't supposed to fix it or take away the stress right away. It’s just meant to help you manage it a bit better.

If you're feeling disorganized, start by making a list. Grab a pad of paper and write down every single thing you do need to. If it's school-related, note all the deadlines you need to meet. If it's a household chore, list every step (for example, laundry: sort clothes, wash it, dry it, and then fold/hang it). By crossing off each individual step,  you will feel more productive in your daily routine. The same goes for an essay: make an outline, write, take a break, finish writing, read over it, and edit. Keep in mind, taking breaks are important! Give time for your mind to relax and regain energy.

Due to social distancing, many people are now confined to their homes (and more specifically to their bedrooms) all day and every day. To keep a clear mind, start the day by making your bed. This is such a simple task yet it does so much to brighten your mood. Since your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, making it clean will help keep your room look more put together.

Keep cleaning! Declutter, organize, find clothing you haven't worn in a while and try to sell it online or donate it. Selling online can give you some extra money in case you’re out of work due to the recent COVID-19 closures.

Feeling agitated? Take a deep breath, and do something you love doing--whether it’s drawing, reading, or even singing. Doing something to keep you distracted is the best way to ease your stress level.

Another thing is to do some self-care. Self-care helps a lot of things. It gives yourself a moment to sort out your thoughts while doing something beneficial for your body.

If you’re stressed about school, talk to your classmates, roommates, and friends. Find out how they are doing with school and ask if they have any tricks to manage their stress. Sometimes just opening up to someone works better than anything else.

One last note: as long as you're not around a large group of people, it is more than okay to take a walk outside. Pay attention to yourself, stress takes a toll on you especially during a time when things are changing drastically and the news is scary. As long as you take things on one at a time and stay positive you are doing the best you can  to thrive under stressful conditions.