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If you ever go to an ASU sporting event, walk into lululemon athletica at Scottsdale Fashion Square, or are roaming the downtown campus, the odds are pretty likely you have seen 21-year-old Abbi Miles.

Abbi is a nutrition major here at ASU, and says she has always been interested in health and wellness. “After getting a Pilates certification I changed my major because it encompassed every passion I had academically,” said Abbi.

On top of her challenging major, Abbi is involved in so much more here at ASU, including a leadership role in her sorority, an employee of lululemon athletica, a member of Greek Intervarsity, a barre class instructor, and not to mention… the girl can sing!

Abbi went into more detail of what some of these roles entail.

“I am the Chief Operating Officer of my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. This means me attending several meetings a week,” said Miles. “I plan large scale events, lead a risk management team, as well as manage an organization of over 200 members.”

But wait, there’s more!

“I am also a part-time employee at lululemon athletica which has a lot of community involvement at local events such as triathlons, marathons and charity events. I also teach a barre class once a week to get my exercise fix. I love being involved in my church and a club on campus called Greek Intervarsity too. I also occasionally sing the national anthem at some ASU sporting events,” said Abbi.

You would think that with so much to do during the week, it would be hard to find a balance for everything…

“It is definitely difficult to find a balance with a hectic schedule like mine. However, I have learned to set priorities and determine what and who I want to invest my time with, and to just let go of the rest. It’s so easy to get caught up in to-do lists and making everyone happy, but those are just energy zappers in my eyes,” she said.

Although it sounds like everything is strictly business, she still knows how to relax and have fun.

“Laughing with my friends is my real medicine and my favorite pastime. I’m also huge into yoga, spin or anything exercise related really,” said Abbi.

Since she is always in the public eye, Her Campus was wondering what most people don’t know about her…

“Most people don’t know that I’m such an introvert. I spend so much time with people, public speaking, making jokes and being social. But I truly cherish my alone time either with a book, driving somewhere alone or just enjoying a beautiful sunset by myself,” she said.

What most people do know about her though, is that she is a die-hard Sun Devil.

“I love ASU for so many reasons. I have really made Tempe my home and established my life here, but it’s so much more than that. The direction ASU is heading as a university is so innovative and inspiring, it really pushes me to do things I don’t think I would’ve done at another university. It’s also close enough to home where I can go back and visit when I want to, I’m such a family-oriented person so it’s a convenient location,” said Abbi.

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