Let There Be Brunch

I awoke to the sudden sound of my alarm clock ringing early on this past Sunday morning, (January 28, 2018). I was so eager to get dressed, grab my yoga mat, and head out to meet my friend, (and dorm neighbor), Kaela for yoga and brunch on a farm!

I had previously visited The Farm At South Mountain, located near downtown Phoenix, a few months back in the fall with a different friend. However, I was really excited to specifically take Kaela there because I knew she was going to love the beauty of the barren trees in the winter.

We arrived a few minutes before our family yoga class and walked slowly along the gravel path lined with gargunatan oak trees to the meeting spot. The area was littered with families that were running in the wide open spaces, breathing in the fresh dewy morning air. We set out our mats and began to follow the instructor’s every move. At one point, the yogi came over and “lengthened” us out by pulling on our arms and legs. It was the first time I had felt relaxed all week- in the midst of the craziness while attending college as a freshman, being in the moment was harmonious. The birds singing, the sound of belly laughter from children, and the fresh scent of breakfast being prepared- it was mesmerizing.

At the end of our yoga class, we walked a bit further into the farm and sat down at a small table outside the Morning Glory Cafe. We could smell the distinguished scent of roasted potatoes, and hear the cracking open of eggs that had been freshly picked that morning out of the chicken coop.

I ordered fresh brioche french toast while Kaela ordered a breakfast burrito. The french toast is definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if it’s because the bread is so fresh or the bananas and candied pecans they put on top add a sort of eccentric flavor, but I do know that my mouth is watering just thinking about it. We topped it all off with fresh squeezed lemonade and a stroll along the farm’s natural marketplace.

Kaela and I discovered our mutual love for brunch when we first became friends. We promised each other that during our freshman year in college, we would try as many brunch places as we could. Although the Farm at South Mountain is not our first, it definitely has become one of our favorite spots.

Our friends ask us why we enjoy brunching so much. The truth is: there is a sense of elegance and maturity to brunch- a touch of Breakfast at Tiffany’s feeling.  We gossip to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and laugh with our mouths full of breakfast delicacies.

I hope that we, (because this is a series written by Kaela and I in honor of our quest to find more delicious brunch places in Arizona), have the opportunity to bring our readers more of our favorite cafes so that you too, can enjoy the simplicity and sophistication of a good brunch.