Juggling Mid-Terms and Study Sessions with Band

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Don’t you ever wish you could control time whenever mid-terms come around? We wouldn’t have to worry so much about deadlines or cram in late night study sessions—and we’d be able to get those 8 hours of sleep before our exam. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t given us a way to stop the clock (yet), but there’s a close section: BAND, an app that helps you keep your social and academic lives organized.

Since downloading BAND, my life has gotten onto a much better schedule, especially during exam season. I’m able to plan meetings, share study guides, make to-do lists of the materials I need for certain projects, divide group responsibilities equally with other classmates and share documents.  We can all get on the same page, all in one place, without having to dig through throngs of emails.

How YOU Can Stay Organized During Mid-Terms

Are you in charge of planning an event for your sorority? A date-dash the night before your test? I have one word for you: Delegation. Make to-do lists in the app public and delegate responsibilities to your committee! Prep the weekend before and have your team sign up for the event. This way you can practically be in two places at once: While you’re studying in the library, your sorority sisters can share photos of their progress to the app.

What if you’re in intramural playoffs and you play the same night your study group meets, you say? Keep your friends happy by keeping them in the loop! Get your portion of the study guide completed early, and share it with them in advance. Then, meet up with the group after, when your team wins the game!

Studying Abroad?

Studying Abroad and getting the travel blues? Stay in touch with your besties via BAND. Share pictures that you wouldn’t want your parents to see and keep up to date with what everybody else is doing through voice chat, messages and stickers. Hey, you can even plan a Skype session and send a reminder; they’ll get the scheduled time in their appropriate time zone, so you don’t have to do the math or risk missing one another.

So what are you waiting for? Download BAND today and get started on getting your schedule on track during these stressful times. Good luck!

Checkout BAND here: http://www.band.us/home