Interview with Macy, Campus Correspondent from HC Gonzaga!

Working with Her Campus Gonzaga as our sister chapter has been an absolute dream! Macy, one of the Campus Correspondents at HC Gonzaga, is incredibly nice and easy to work with. I can tell that her she brings a lot of passion, creativity, and warmth to her chapter. I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about life, HC Gonzaga, and some of her personal favorites! 

1. Name, Major/Minor, Hometown, Position on Exec Board?

Macy Conant, Communication Studies major, Centennial, Colorado, Campus Correspondent!

2. Favorite band or singer! 

Favorite band is One Direction (no shame here). Favorite artist: I'm currently on a Demi Lovato kick, but I also love Thomas Rhett. 

3. Favorite hang out spot on campus?

My favorite place to hang out on campus is Hemmingson Center! 

4. Favorite dessert? 

Dark chocolate brownies!

5. Favorite thing you've read or wrote about on Her Campus Gonzaga?

I used to write weekly recaps about The Bachelor which were so fun! I loved finding hilarious gifs to use each week. 

6. Tell us one secret about Her Campus Gonzaga that nobody else would know!

Out of our remaining original founding team, there are only 2 of us left on HC Gonzaga right now! 

7. Favorite childhood TV show? 

Lizzie McGuire for sure! 

8. How are you active on campus? 

I am a peer mentor for sophomores in our Honors program currently. I am CC for HC Gonzaga.  I am the program director's assistant for the Academic Dance Program.  Plus I love to hang around the Communication Studies department and talk about research topics with professors.  I'm such a communication studies nerd!