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Having a crush on someone in the room while playing truth or dare

Ask me for a dare, and I will give you the truth 

I’ll tell you about how I hate my style



Seemingly insecure about how loud my voice is

But yes, I will eat mustard right out of the fridge

I’ll drink pickle juice and run into your brother’s room as he plays video games

Yes, I will approach a stranger in the mall and ask for a hug. 

Hope I come across as fun, almost like a ‘yes-girl’

I’m afraid to miss out because I am quite literally not included

Like I went into hibernation, only to have insomnia

I could compare myself to so many things

But nothing could compare to the anxiety that I get when people ask me a truth along the lines of who my crush is

I don’t have one

What about what teacher I think is cute?

I don’t have one either

I’m the odd one out because my perception of love is not the same

I fight back tears in the washroom I excused myself to

I feel a pit in my stomach forming, or it might be the cheese pizza we shared earlier

I’m not sure

All I know is that I need to get out

Out of my head




I’ll return and hope that it’s not my turn again

Maybe they won’t notice that I never flushed the toilet to pretend like I was gone for a reason?

I’m overthinking

And working to make my poker face more than just a Lady Gaga song

Maybe she won’t know that I have a crush on her

But I hope that she does, one day

JP is a born and raised Midwesterner, but now calls the desert home. She is a Junior studying English, Spanish Linguistics and Language, and Media Analysis. When she's not writing for Her Campus, catch her wreaking havoc on Twitter: @HansonJenna
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