Dream List

I recently composed a Bucket List which was comprised of all the goals and wishes I want to accomplish before I get too old. It was therapeutic in a way (and I’ll shamelessly include the link if you’re curious about that list: sisfors000.wixsite.com/milestone/home/bucket-list). Since that was such a huge success for me, I decided to compromise a list of dreams I have. To me, there’s no better way to accomplish your dreams than to acknowledge them. So here are 20 dreams I have at 20 years old.

  1. Become fluent in spanish. 

  2. Graduate from ASU. 

  3. Receive my MBA. 

  4. Own two dogs: either a labrador retriever, golden retriever, or german shepherd. 

  5. Live in NYC for at least a year. 

  6. Publish a book. 

  7. Drink tea in London. 

  8. Eat a croissant in Paris.  

  9. Celebrate Holi in India. 

  10. Watch the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. 

  11. Meet Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd. 

  12. Buy one designer clothing item. 

  13. Get married. 

  14. Have kids. 

  15. Love my job and be proud of my career. 

  16. Watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in NYC. 

  17. Travel the world. 

  18. Eat at a five star restaurant. 

  19. Be the Maid of Honor at my sisters’ weddings. 

  20. Work in the fashion industry.

While all of these have been true for most of my 20 years, some dreams evolved. Here are some dreams I had as a 7 year old kid.

  1. Be a chef. 

  2. Go to outer space. 

  3. Swim with sharks (I grew up and got smart). 

  4. Be a mermaid. 

  5. Meet a prince and become a princess (a classic).

  6. Get married (some things don’t change). 

  7. Be an only child (LOL kidding guys, I love my sisters). 

But just because I still have a lot of dreams, doesn’t mean I didn’t accomplish any. Here are 10 dreams that I have been able to cross off my list:

  1. Study abroad in Spain. 

  2. Cliff jumping (only at Slide Rock, Sedona, but I count that). 

  3. Attend a great university and LOVE it.  

  4. Hangout with my grandparents all the time. 

  5. Date a pretty cool dude (he’s not a prince, but I’ll let it slide). 

  6. Have amazing, life long friends. 

  7. Travel by myself (shout out to my sister and best friend for hosting me). 

  8. Have date nights with my parents.  

  9. Drink tea at The Plaza. 

  10. See a Broadway show in NYC. 

Some of these may seem random or unrealistic (it was heartbreaking to find out I can never be part fish), but at that point in my life that dream meant the world to me. I’ve never stopped dreaming and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Dreams fuel me to remain hard working, dedicated, and fulfilled. I feel like I have a purpose in life and each dream listed above is a small portion to that purpose. I encourage everyone to write a list of their dreams. Not only is it therapeutic and fun, but it’s a great way to stay motivated when you feel defeated. Good luck and dream on.