The Constant Battle Between Social & Academic Life at ASU

Remember in high school when hanging out with your friends was no big deal,  because you could write that midterm paper tomorrow? Flash forward to life at ASU and you have 6 midterm papers due, an annoying roommate and a  load of laundry that just keeps piling up… Whoever said this college was all about the partying clearly didn’t have high aspirations for their GPA. Here are a few tips for keeping that squeaky clean 4.0 and the much-needed girl’s night out:

Tip 1: Have some free time? Pause the Netflix, play the study!

Many people get home and immediately resort to catching up on social media, or the next addicting reality show that’s all the rage at the moment. My advice? DON’T. Keep up the momentum of the day, and get that work done! It’ll feel much better to go out when all that work in the back of your mind is completely finished.

    Tip 2: Surround yourself with people who also prioritize their education.

We all know those people who are just skating by in college, and not really learning anything- aside from how to nurse a hangover. If that’s your cup of tea, then go for it, but most people would rather gain something more… useful. Especially after spending thousands of dollars on tuition. So, go find those people! Having a study group, making friends with the “smart people”and focusing on your education will pay off in the long run. It’s okay to not be the ‘cool’ kid in college - actually, the new ‘cool’ in college is the smart kid.

    Tip 3: Know your limits! And your grades…Whether it be that uplifting girls night, or date night with a cute boy, remember nights out don’t have to last all night. You can always call it quits earlier than you expected! Knowing your limits is a crucial quality to have. This applies not only to drinking, but socializing as well. If you won’t be able to wake up for your 9 AM  the next day, then call it an early night. Know your body, and know the sleep you need in order for you to thrive. Good grades ultimately reflect your ability to balance your social life and your academic life- and what a wonderful balance that is.

College is an amazing time to not only find yourself, but to take advantage of the education you signed up for! To make the most of it you might have to take a raincheck on that ASU football game, and focus on studying for that Calculus final! Life at ASU is a wonderfully  challenging experience, but it’s ultimately a time to make new friends, and learn what the world- and President Crow- can offer. We have to keep up that title of “#1 in Innovation”. Forks up!