Common College Convo: Change

One thing that I’ve learned in college is that no matter where you are in life, there is always change around the corner. Everyone hears the typical, “Embrace change,” and, “change is inevitable,” but no one ever tells you how fast life changes once you’re in college.

I remember every little detail about my first couple days at ASU. I remember who I met first, the weird snapchats I took and the God-awful outfit I wore to move in. But I never expected 18 months to go by so fast. For better or worse, I'm a completely different person than I was when I first stepped foot on campus. I wish someone told me to take a step back and soak it in because those moments were gone so fast.

Here are some things that change throughout college that no one tells you about:

Freshman Year

Time Management - When you’re in high school, your days are planned out either by your parents, school, or extracurriculars, but once you are on your own you pick how you spend your time. A lot of people come into college and want to be involved in everything and burn themselves out.

Health - A lot of students come to school and their health gets put on the back burner, whether that be not eating healthy or eating too much, lack of sleep, or not prioritizing their mental health.


Back-at-Home Blues - No one tells you that the transition between the end of freshman year and the summer is rough. You miss your new friends, you lose the freedom you had back at school and it can feel like you are out of place in the place you call home.

Growing Apart - Going to college away from your high school friends can change your friendship dynamic immensely. Having different experiences, new friends and overall growing as a person affects the people who knew you as one way. My two best friends saw the changes in my personality and thankfully we all still get along, but that isn’t always the case.

Sophomore Year

Learning Who Your Friends Are - During sophomore year is when a lot of students move out of the dorms and into apartments. Friends disperse and schedules get complicated, and this is the time when you will find out who really values your time since everyone is constantly busy.

Growing Up - A lot of people think that freshman year is when everyone starts to grow up when in reality sophomore year is when you start to take on more responsibilities and learn more from everything from the prior year.

There are many changes you go through in life, and in college the first two years bring enough change to shock anyone, but they really prepare you for any future change that life throws at you.