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At ASU: Defend Our Future Internship Program

Looking for a spring internship to put a little more edge in your resume? Or maybe you just want to donate a few hours of your free time volunteering for a good cause?

Defend Our Future is a non-partisan organization that has spread its roots to Arizona State University. It’s a great program for students who want to take a stand against climate change, and promote clean energy solutions nationwide. Their goals include: climate solutions, creating a clean energy economy, pushing our elected officials to work in tandem, and providing clean air and water for all.

With these goals in mind, their volunteers and interns main duty is to collect pledges and phone bank their senators and representatives on current pressing matters. Perhaps you’ve seen us, or me, asking you to call your Arizona representative to demand we keep the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), funded! Or even, currently asking you to request that our senators remove Scott Pruitt to step down from his position as head of the EPA.(Image: Defend Our Future) 

While this great cause progresses to the big leagues, Defend Our Future is in need of some big help. This is where the super interns come in! Defend our Future is on several different campuses in five different states and in each of those states, our interns provide a great deal of work within their community! We have the ability to make or break the mold and Defend Our Future is the very first step.

As both a volunteer and an intern, you have the opportunity to travel to the Capitol and speak with our Senators and their people directly. This is an amazing event that gives students the chance to speak with officials about what matters to them!

If you’re willing to work hard, put in the effort, and speak from the heart, this internship will open doors you never imagined. Specifically, the Defend Our Future team are a robust and wonderful group of people and have quickly become a family to me. They work hard and are passionate about the environment! 

This internship thus far has changed my life, and I know that they can change yours too!

Stop by our table in the ASU Tempe MU Monday – Friday, 11-4. Feel free to talk to us about the program and bring any questions you may have! 


My name is Mikayla Beyries. I was born in Southern California before moving to Arizona where I have lived a majority of my life. I am currently a freshman in college on my way to becoming a Political Journalist. I want to write about what matters, as a woman, as a student, as a human there are going to be things at stake that the world should see, and I want to help deliver that knowledge to them.
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