ASU Attempts: Cooking for a Week

Cooking has never been a talent of mine. Ever since I was little, I always found a way of ruining my food some way or another. When I was 11, my cousin and I thought making a cake was a good idea but well, we didn’t know you were supposed to bake it before eating it. That was the worst and most liquidy cake I’ve ever tasted.

So clearly, I’m no chef. However, me being me, I still decided to go for what could have probably been considered a bad idea: cook dinner for a week. I was essentially making sure my parents were going to have a chaotic seven days but guess what? It wasn’t that bad!

Caldo de Pollo (Chicken Soup)

Lucky for my family’s stomachs, my mother made sure to help and make sure I didn’t burn the house down. And so, our dinners went without a hitch! Well, maybe a moment where I was pretty close to cutting my finger off and burning my tongue enough times that it became numb at some point. Nonetheless, it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Chicken with Spaghetti

There was always that nice warm feeling of pride I would get after finishing dinner. It was incredible knowing that I could actually make edible food that didn’t just taste decent but good. I learned a lot, whether it was knowing how to cut a tomato correctly or how something as simple as spices could really change things up. The big thing though was discovering that many of the foods my mom taught me were easy and fast to make, especially for a college student that’s moving into an apartment soon.

I know many other students who don’t really know how to cook either. Some realize they’re actually going to be on their own regarding food once they move into their apartments. Personally, I’m going to be ten minutes away from my dorm dining hall making me a bit panicky that food won’t be as accessible through a quick elevator ride anymore.


However, learning how to cook has made me feel a lot better. Thanks to my mom, I have a load of recipes I can easily follow when I’m on my own and I definitely plan to keep practicing in the meantime.


So I guess maybe I’m not that bad at cooking. I mean, I did manage to keep any stomachs from getting food poisoning, so I’ll say that’s a win for me. Now, I just got the rest of the summer to make sure it stays that way!