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Weekly Column Series: The How-To Guide to Life Part 2

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Edited by: Vyshnevi Satheesh


How to Exercise- Simran Wadan

Step 1: Mentally convince yourself of the importance of exercise and what it constitutes of. Walking to the fridge/kitchen to snack does not count as exercise. Neither does putting your hair up into a bun (I envy short-haired people).

Step 2: Find yourself a workout training routine; browse through YouTube, download an app, Google some options. Alternatively, call your fitness freak friend and tell them you’re thinking of exercising, that should do the trick.

Step 3: Summon your willpower and manifest yourself standing up and doing exercise. Stay on the line if you did take up a lifeline in the previous step.

Step 3: Proceed towards your workout area, preferably adorned with a yoga mat, or go outside if possible. Just as far away from your bed as possible.

Step 4: Constantly remind yourself that exercise is good for you and that you can get through it. DO NOT STOP, I REPEAT, DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE. Also, the yoga mat must not be used as a bed under any circumstances.

Step 5: Be sore.


How to Haiku- Akshali Gugle

1. Haiku when you’re listening to Don McLean’s “Vincent”

starry Starry Night

should be swirling in the Louvre

with Mona Lisa

2. Haiku when you’ve got a case of butterflies

her translucent wings

were pining after moonbeams

flutter – fluttering

3. Haiku when you’re in love with love 

filled with trilling coos  

carrier pigeons’ billet-doux

pecked away, the two

4. Haiku when you’re daydreaming (because of Mindy Kaling’s shows)

a dreamy-eyed boy

a girl’s climbable window

a saga ensues

5. Haiku when you’re green with gobbledygook 

lush lasciviousness

I can’t tear my eyes away

spinach in your teeth

6. Haiku when you’re feeling non-conformative 

a pagan bonfire

unabashed idolatry

milk of the poppy

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Simran Kaur Wadan is a first year at Ashoka University. In her free time, she picks a hobby to adopt and maybe sleeps.
Akshali is a content writer at Her Campus. She is a sophomore at Ashoka University studying English, Philosophy, Creative Writing, Media Studies, Entrepreneurship, and really any course she can fit into her sleepless schedule. A vocal James Spader fan, when she's not immersed in intellectually stimulating conversations on Squidward or weaving rock lyrics into her pieces, you'll find her gorging on momos.
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